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When it comes to makeup that is great for your skin and will benefit the user, you can’t get any better than Winky Lux. Their beauty products are natural and they offer it at the most affordable prices. In fact, they offer discounts, such as one just for students. Additionally, Winky Lux is international. Their cosmetics are made in the U.S., Canada, China, and Italy. Hence, they accommodate all types of people.

Want makeup that’s great for your skin, affordable and fun to use? Try this.

A Different Path For Beauty Products

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Such a unique approach to makeup was started in 2015 by Natalie Mackey and Nate Newman. Both wanted to revolutionize how cosmetics should be used. Not as a chore or a crutch, but as fun skincare therapy that pleases the users and the eyes. The founders call Winky Lux “joyful” as their goals were to change the standards of beauty production.

And as they have reached users in almost every continent, Winky Lux holds up to its mission. Aside from being genuine in what goes in their products and where you get it from, Winky Lux tries to make themselves more accessible to their consumers. They offer tips on skincare, and give users a variety of products that compliment their needs specifically.  

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Natural elements in your makeup at a price you can afford – Winky Lux has it!

Health In Your Beauty Products

Winky Lux aims to put skin care and natural beauty first. In fact, they put health and beauty on the same level. Consumers know exactly what is used in Winky Lux products. Indeed, the ingredients are provided on their website. See the below for examples of what goes in their makeup and what is going on your skin. Of note, everything listed brings out the best element to what makes you beautiful.

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Color, health, and variety at great prices. Get it at Winky Lux.

Buyer Put First

Aside from beautiful packaging, Winky Lux is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Instead, they strive to nourish skin without artificial preservatives, salts and chemicals that go in plastic. On top of discounts, Winky Lux offers free shipping for orders over $30.00 in the U.S., and $75.00 internationally. Here, you also have a rewards program where you get $10.00 off of purchases. And if unsatisfied with anything after 45 days, you get a full refund.

Buyers should never beware what’s natural and cheap. Of course, when you shop here you’ll see we offer healthy alternatives in everything. Our cosmetics use natural ingredients. Plus, you get them at reasonable prices. So, why go elsewhere and be told fabrications about their products? Unless, you want to be cheated of your money’s worth. And why put plastics and lab-based chemicals on your skin when you have put together in Winky Lux the stuff God made?

Natural is always better. See your beauty get a healthy boost and not an alteration.

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