We Found The Secret To Youth!

We Found the Secret to Youth! Bio-hacking wouldn’t be revolutionary if it didn’t tackle an age-old problem: getting older. Gray hairs, crows’ feet, weakened muscles, slower metabolism, added weight, duller senses and a less than sharp mind are just some of the things you can expect. However, all of this can be combated with healthy living. Yet, how many are actually following through with that?

We Found The Secret to Youth: cracks in tree stump like wrinkles on skin

We’ve showed you some ways to turn back the hands of time with our Fine Wines, Brän and Zlēm pages. But another option that may appeal to you is Uüth (or “Youth”). Now, you can cut back the time it takes to get that figure you had in high school and college. You can attain at a much faster pace the vigor you had as a still growing child. Your hair can have that bounce it had before it got lazy, and your muscles can be as toned as when you played and didn’t think about old age.

We Found the Secret to Youth: How Can I Get it Back?

Collagen is a protein your body produces abundantly when you’re young to help you move easily; it also helps you look fresh and vibrant. Unfortunately, as we age we lose some of that genetic gift and have to seek it in food, drinks and various activities that help us maintain our vitality. In “Youth”, some of the ingredients that foster what makes you young goes into what we call “snaps” that you take orally. Like Bran and Zlem, you mix it in water, coffee or even a milkshake.

What Do I Get Out Of Taking Youth (Uüth)?

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Velovita’s Uüth Snap offers some important extracts that are key to getting you looking and feeling young in a healthy way. We mentioned collagen, which is included in the form of amino acids. Hence, it’s easier for your body to digest it, but there are others. Take for instance Vitamin B7, which breaks down carbs and useless fat to increase energy.

Then there’s Vitamin C and fiber in the Aronia berry which protects the liver, reduces cancer cells and has very high healing abilities typical of other anti-oxidants. S7 nitric oxide, which is plant-based, helps blood circulation so your muscles feel more elastic and there’s less clotting. Nicotinamide mononucleotide or NMN builds muscle strength, while Rosa Roxburghii, a flower extract high in Vitamin C, boosts energy, absorbs iron, repairs your immunity and strengthens bones. This is used a lot in Chinese herbal medicines.

The road to the future leading straight to the sun

Last but not least you get what is called superoxide dismutase or SODs, an antioxidant commonly used in cosmetics to reduce wrinkling and spots. It does this by softening scar tissue and protecting you against damaging UV rays, which dehydrates your skin. SODs keeps it hydrated and heals it, while also reducing oxidative stress and chances of Alzheimer’s disease.

All of these are contained in a “snap” bag you mix in a drink of your choice. You take it daily, and will start to see results in a month, maybe sooner. Watch the below video for more info.

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We Found the Secret to Youth: Time Lost Is a Road Not Taken

Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years? How about twenty years? The road to success is unavoidable. It just takes one step at a time. Pace yourself in all things. Help yourself and you’ll be helping others. Get your mind right and your body will follow. Time is going a little faster than it did last year and the year before, but it’s not running out. Instead, it’s getting to the next point, the next phase, the next chapter in a string of them waiting to be explored.

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Here’s something interesting. There is an alleged Fountain of Youth that was so-called enjoyed by ancient Somalians. Later, it was sought after by Alexander the Great. After that, Ponce De Leon tried to seek it. Now, it is the namesake of a park in St. Augustine, Florida. But the reason this Fountain of Youth is so legendary is because people have sought for the beauty and desirable lure of youth in faraway places. What if it was really close by, at your fingertips? If Herodotus had what we have today, he would have taken a snap with the spring water. Uüth will amaze you. Get it today!

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