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Prior to the pandemic, millions of people traveled to visit family and friends during the holidays. Nowadays, people are traveling with a lot more caution. Though, it is estimated that about 161 million Americans, for instance, will see their distant loved ones for the holidays. Still, this figure is far less than the millions that were flying, driving, or going by train to see family for the holidays in 2019 and before then. Here, in All Things Travel, we show you some cool, new and safe ways to get around.  

All Things Travel

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Decentralized Travel is the New Way to travel. In fact, it’ll be the future of our commutes. As blockchain technology increasingly becomes the new reality, every facet of our society will start to use it. Already, our money is slowly turning internet-based. So, too, is our way of getting around. Check out how you can benefit from blockchain traveling.

Not sure what blockchain technology is? See the link

Travel For Less

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Suforia is the hub of first class traveling for less. Why do we say that? Well, when you read our Travel For Less page, you’ll learn why Suforia is your go-to for getting ahead. Indeed, there are perks with becoming a Suforian. Whether you’re interested in starting your own business, or helping others kick-start theirs, as a member of Suforia you will have access to faraway places at the lowest cost.

See what’s cool about getting ahead with Suforia today!

Travel Wisely: Brave Response Gun Holster

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Shër’s does not endorse violence, nor do we encourage people to settle disputes with guns. Quite the contrary, we advocate for peace and the uplifting of humanity for a better way of life. Still, we all must face reality.

Obviously, the world we live in is not free of guns, and some people need to have them. Of course, there are individuals who work in the line of business that requires they be armed to protect themselves and others. So, this is for you, and anyone else who practices their second amendment right in a safe, smart and legal way.

Hold that little deadly arm in its place and see our Brave Response Gun Holster page. Practice caution wisely.

Armchair Journeyers

All Things Travel

For everyone else who isn’t planning on “going away” – cheers! You’re very much welcome here. Sip that great tasting wine, and shop from the comfort of your bed. Read our content and be on a journey in your mind. If it’s the holidays, get cozy and stay with Shër’s. Make us you’re reference for shopping, and one of your favorite sites you bookmark. We promise you won’t regret it!

Feel good this year and next.

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