Brain Enhancement to Win

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Everything in balance… And the best way to enhance brain performance is to stay away from foods that dumb it down. Sugary drinks can cause dementia, memory loss and a buildup of fructose which can lead to excess body fat. Over-consumption of carbs leads to frequent hunger as these are digested quickly and these carbs also cause memory loss. All processed foods such as instant noodles, most chips and microwave popcorn can harm brain tissue.

Brain Enhancement to Win

Another way to help the brain is to drink water. Studies find that daily consumption of water flushes out toxins and dead cells that build up in the brain. In addition, water reduces fatigue and increases energy. As a bonus, it also helps you lose weight. However, water is not the only fluid that is essential to healthy blood flow and sugar regulation. See our Fine Wines Delivered to Your Door for info on the wonders of what vintage wine can do.

Brain Enhancement to Win

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Nevertheless, science (when used properly) can add great food substitutes to help balance one’s diet and improve one’s health. Velovita, a nootropics company founded in 2007 by Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack and based in Florida, has created a brain food that enhances brain performance.

Consisting of vitamins B12 and B6, green coffee bean, niacin, PEA and other ingredients the FDA considers safe, Brän (called “Brain”) is taken orally and comes in six flavors – caramel macchiato, lemon, and chocolate sea salt. Add to that pumpkin, chocolate mint and chocolate strawberry (for the holiday season).

Check out this link for more information.

Brain Enhancement to Win: Boosting Mental Energy.

A boost in energy may happen between your first “snap” to your first few. Brän comes in packets you can have with water, coffee, or by itself. But what makes Brän stand out from other energy boosting supplements is that not only can you be a patron, you can be a business partner. See the details HERE.

Brän Improves Your Overall Performance.

The benefits of Brän happens in three stages: alpha, beta and omega. Once you digest it, Brän’s nanoparticles will first improve your athletic abilities and perk up physical performance. Second, it will uplift your mood and encourage positive thinking. Lastly, it will sharpen your focus and keep you alert. Along with enhancing your daytime activities, it promises to better your nighttime one as well: sleep. Interested? See the link HERE for product details.

See Brän’s Reviews.

Like everything else out there, Brän has been dissected and reviewed by every day people like yourself. Most people agree that Brän is as it’s described on the Velovita website, and as it’s promoted. Nootropics in general is a growing field of dietary supplement and new wave science so some people will have their reservations and will put out side effects. We encourage you to do your own research and you can start by checking out Velovita‘s own website (see HERE).

Brain Enhancement to Win: Velovita's Bran.

Your life can improve today if you start small but stay consistent. Anything that needs improvement first needs dedication to make it better. Consequently, you will have to make choices, which won’t always be clear cut. The best way to make the right ones is to inform yourself. Go to Velovita and see what Brän is about.

Helping people in every way possible is what we’re about. Getting them to what they want and need is especially important. Brain health is a must these days along with body health. Brän may be one way to get there. Zlem may be another. (Click this link to check out Zlem, another of Velovita‘s products). If you want more tips on what else improves your health and the many interesting ways you can go about it, see Fine Wines Delivered to Your Door, and our complimentary page Wine Magic for even more info. Keep this website. More info is always at your fingertips.

“Having powerful choices does not mean the one who is presented them is powerless, but that much power has been given to the one who does the choosing.” – Anonymous.

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