Wine Magic

Fine Wine leads to long life… and Wine Magic. In our Fine Wines Delivered To Your Door page, we explore the many ways wine betters your health. Whether red or white, this gift from God cleanses you and adds more years to your life. And there are many activities one can enjoy while having a glass.

See the below video for how to become Wine Ambassador. Or, sip and read on…

Fine Wine should be enjoyed without headaches, neither should it be watered down. Real magic begins when the wine is vintage.

Relax and Stay In for Wine Magic 

wine glasses, wine bottle and purple grapes on a barrel before a vineyard under bright sun

The sun has set and you’ve had a long day. Work got you stressed, and your family is put away. Dinner went well, though it could have been better. Lately, you’ve been irritable because you’re worried about something and can’t get any sleep.

Consequently, things are not going your way. But it’s evening now, and you feel like a drink. You don’t want anything strong but you also don’t want juice.

Have some wine and let your worries roll away…

Or, maybe you just want to chill. Your spouse comes out of the room and finds you sipping alone. It’s not that you can’t sleep, but you need something to help you relax. Go ahead, share a drink. One thing about wine is that it clears your head. Whatever was amiss, by the time you’ve had a glass you’ll forget about it. And no, wine doesn’t make you forgetful; in fact, it does the opposite. It takes away stress while your mind can assess what had you feeling irresolute. Is it winter? You’ll feel nice and cozy where you are. Life will always have its cares but you’re not powerless. Relax, you got this. Sip and figure it out.

three wine glasses, white and red wines with fruit on top

Now on the other hand, let’s say you’re not bothered by anything in particular. But you’re bored. You could’ve gone out, but you don’t want to. Besides, it’s raining. Well, why not be in bed and have a glass? Read a good book, watch a movie, or listen to music. Wine never makes you feel lonely; neither does it make you feel like you’ve lost in life. Instead, it makes you feel easy going, in control, relaxed. You’ll get a warm feeling that’s almost dreamy. And after a while you’ll want to slip right into bed for a good night’s sleep.

Gift Your Wine Magic

Maybe you want to go out and be around people. Wine is a great social drink. Don’t expect craziness if the wine is pure. Indeed, you can bring to the party wine from your own collection. Of course, your family and friends will bless you: the wine will be that good. Moreover, you can gift your wines to whomever. Better still, introduce them to our Wine Ambassador link (click here for Fine Wine membership). Going to parties just got better. Celebrating just got easier. Whether at night or in the afternoon, you won’t lack an opportunity to treat yourself and keep things classy, chill and very respectable.  

Eat and Drink and Be Merry… With Wine Magic

Fine Wine makes lunch and dinner interesting. Remember to sip in small amounts so you’ll enjoy your food and not get drowsy. You see, wine can fill you up and encourage sleep instead of an appetite if you don’t measure your intake. In our Fine Wines Delivered To Your Door page, some possibilities were explored as to what types of food can be consumed. Here are some others.

Something For Your Taste Buds…

red wine, purple and red grapes by a cheese and tomato dish on wooden table

Red wine goes well with white rice and steak fried to a deep brown. Sautee onion, garlic, green and red peppers and splash some lemon juice and black pepper on your stir-fry broccoli and cauliflower and you’ll savor the flavors. For white wine, chicken breast coated lightly in red hot sauce, fried with sprinklings of cilantro, basil and sage and served alongside mashed potatoes with a stir-fry of corn and diced carrots may be enjoyed. If you want to save wine for dessert, have it red with red velvet cake, or white with lemon meringue.

Endless Possibilities in Wine Magic

The possibilities are endless. Wine is especially associated with cheese. Serve some parmesan and pecorino with Ritz crackers if your wine sipping choice is red. Or, if it’s white help yourself to some Feta, goat or Swiss. Maybe chew on a green olive. Your mouth will thank you.

No matter what dish you have, have fun exploring and trying different things. Suggest to your family and friends what you’ve tried and what works. Soon, you’ll be shopping for chic wine glasses, exotic dishes and unique furniture, a result of the rich feeling wine gives. You’ll probably start to dress like your second home is in the Mediterranean. Why not? Who says you can’t look and feel classy, no matter what your income is? Feel rich in the skin you’re in because you’ve got the best wine there is.

Variety Is Just The Beginning

pasta dishes between glasses on white table top

Don’t short change yourself, but go here at Fine Wine and better your health and life. It’s a shame people don’t know the natural gifts God has in the earth. Many people are also not aware that wine is not limited to “red” and “white” colors but can resemble champagne and beer by having a pink to golden brown color. Such variation can’t be dismissed.

We get our Fine Wines from the tasting rooms of Napa and Sonoma Valleys. With our Exclusive Wine Club, you’ll get access to a great selection of wines (from single vineyards) every month. In addition, you’ll receive detailed information on the wines themselves, where they come from, and more suggested food pairings. More importantly, you’ll get your money’s worth as you learn more about wine and have a guide to show you how best to enjoy it.

Cheese, Please…

What’s more, you’ll read about cheeses you’ve probably never had or had once in your life. With vintage wine, you’ll want to get adventurous and try as many meats and cheeses you didn’t know exist. Ever had wine with fruit? The dryer the wine, the sweeter the fruit should be. Blue and black berries go well with sweet wines, while tart fruits like apples and tangerines go well with dry wines. Even so, don’t take our word; see what you like as you switch things up.

If you’re the clubbing type, bring your own wine. It will taste better than what’s behind the counter. Why pay for something that doesn’t come close to what you have at home? If you’re heading for a night out elsewhere, wine is a class act and you can enjoy your show. Just don’t drink too much too fast. Not really a sociable type at all? That’s ok because wine is a feel-good treat for everyone. A good night’s sleep is always rewarding.

Fine Wine Membership for Life.

row of bottles at an angle

When you visit our Wine Ambassador site here at Shër Vintage, you treat yourself to a better, healthier life. What’s more, you can share with your friends the blessings of earth, and even earn money. Yes, you can earn money by becoming a Wine Ambassador. When you join our wine club, we offer you three opportunities to enjoy to the fullest every penny spent as you get premium wine and improve your life and the lives of others.

By becoming a member and paying your initial fee, you get free wine each month if you can get others to become a member, and you get paid either a part time or full time income. This is not done when you purchase wine in liquor stores, supermarkets or Amazon. This is only offered here. So, enjoy great wine that is real and unmixed, share this with others, and get paid.

Enjoy Fine Wine Magic as a Wine Ambassador

Want to know more about this great offer, click the below and visit our Wine Ambassador website. Our Wine of the Month Club brings vintage wine right to your door and grants you access to the best from around the world. You won’t get this anywhere else because we partnered with the best wine makers from various regions whose expertise is unmatched. As a result, we sell you the best of what they have. Now, great wine doesn’t require a once in a lifetime trip to some faraway land. Vintage wine can be delivered to your door and your life can be interesting and healthier right where you are.

No Cheap Thrills, But The Real Deal

Romantic dinners by candle or moonlight… Afternoon chill with a book or movie… Easy feelings anytime… Night after night of peaceful sleep… Improved health and mood… Wine should be enjoyed in its purest form. Though it can be sold in corner stores, you’ll want the real thing for very real benefits you won’t get anywhere but here.

two wine glasses by well done steak cutlets

Great Food… Great Benefits… Win Win

The elixir of life awaits you. Real living begins with real food. Vintage wine means natural wine, and this essentially means no fillers or other ingredients added in for a mixed result. Along with natural wine comes natural health benefits, as God intended. Good stuff should not be tampered with. Unmixed wine gives you a soothing feeling, and cleanses your system. Your skin clears, your mood improves, your sleep is peaceful and your blood flows better. Read Fine Wines Delivered To Your Door for more details about the amazing health benefits real wine gives you.

Join Our Wine of the Month Club and enjoy all that wine has to offer.

Wine Magic Worthy of your Cellar

The ideas of what you can do should feel stimulating. Who knew having a little wine could start one’s imagination? All the foods you can try, all the experiences you can have… Wine is romantic, classy, medicinally invigorating… And that you can get paid for simply sharing the good life with others must feel rewarding. As stated in our Fine Wines Delivered To Your Door page, making one great decision could lead to a habit of making great decisions.

Addressing The Stigma…

Perhaps you’ve hesitated considering wine as a part of your diet because of the stigma of becoming a “wino.” Well, you control how much you want, and when. Does drinking wine automatically make you an alcoholic? No. Will you start craving wine like an addict craves drugs? No. How can anything made naturally be a bad thing? Inform yourself by seeing our Fine Wines Delivered To Your Door page and join Our Wine of the Month Club.

Ready to get Fine Wine Delivered to your Door? Go Here and Get Started. Enjoy the good life that awaits you in a wine bottle. No stigmas attached, just the best stuff on earth – Wine.

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