RoboForm – The Best Password Manager Ever!

Roboform, the Best Password Manager Ever! Is it? Well, it’s the first software designed to secure people’s passwords. We use so many platforms so often. Who has the time to write down all the passwords? That’s where products like this one come in. It safely accesses and manages your data. Aside from that, it keeps, organizes and remembers it. You’ll see what makes this software better than all others and why other password filers don’t compare!

Mission Possible: Roboform, The Best Password Manager

Roboform, which is based in Virginia, first began in 2000 by CEO Vadim Maslov. Since then, it has had many updates. Some of which include versions suitable for personal and business use. It has been lauded by The New York Times, USA Today Tech, Bloomberg magazine and The Wall Street Journal. Not only that, thousands of reviewers on recommend Roboform hands down. Similarly, reviewers on “Safety Detectives” give it a 9.2 out of 10.   

Through “Siber Systems,” passwords and data are secured for 6 million people worldwide. Some of them are individuals, business owners, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Indeed, Roboform reportedly services over 190 countries, in over 30 languages. In addition, people get 24/7 email support, aside from direct tech assistance during business hours.

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Roboform Features

RoboForm - The Best Password Manager Ever!

What’s more, Roboform can save up to thousands of passwords. In fact, they create strong, secure passwords for you. With one click, you access sites without needing to enter data or billing information. Plus, this software can be downloaded on your iPhone. Of course, Roboform is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Given how Microsoft Edge can be problematic for some applications, Roboform even works with this.

This Password Manager promises impregnable security. However, they give you the option to share login info with others when using them. Just enter that person’s email in their database and they, too, can use your login. Whether yours or an entrusted user’s, all data is encrypted. It goes without saying that people can use this software for free. Thus, you’re not obligated to pay $1.99 per month everywhere, or $3.98 per month for a family plan. Never mind the 35% holiday discounts. But see what plan works for you.

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Ranking First Among Competitors

Now, Roboform is aware of LastPass. For certain, it’s aware of ALL of its competitors. In fact, it lists them. It also provides links that explain why they don’t add up. According to lead analyst for security and former president of PC Magazine Neil Rubenking, LastPass is inferior. Contrarily, he considers Roboform a “Master Form Filler.” “Unlike LastPass, you can store multiple instances of addresses, bank accounts, and other data types under each form fill Identity.”

Moreover, LastPass “limits secure folder sharing.” On the one hand, this may prove they’re putting your security first. Sharing passwords, like you do with Netflix, defeats the purpose. However, LastPass limits a user’s ability to manage their information the way they choose. Roboform is the only major password manager that organizes your bookmarks for all of your browsers. It also allows subscribers to speak to a live person. You’ll sort your passwords in whatever order suits you. And you’ll store information in local servers. LastPass does not do any of this.

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Roboform, The Best Password Manager for Businesses – Big and Small

Businesses are protected by well organized, centralized management. Roboform’s Clientele secure passwords for companies that have over a thousand employees. Aside from cheap pricing, for the past twenty years since its inception, this software has had zero breaches.

From hospital records to real estate, insurance, medical and HR forms, this software has secured all types of employers and employees. They’re privy to the best customer service support. Also, passwords are flexibly shared and managed. Thus, employers are allowed shared authority. Even more rewarding is that they can rate the passwords for the best results. Above all, Roboform can hold over 8000 passwords for one business alone!

Additionally, employers will know up front how much they’re paying for month-to-month subscription. No doubt, they’ll know the prices to whole year plans – even hourly calls for technical support. Transparency is not only considered, it’s respected.

So set yourself up now for The Best Password Manager Ever, Roboform!

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