All Things Computers / Internet brings you great opportunities online. Nowadays, we rely on computers more than we did twenty years ago. Even one year ago, or more (depending on when you read this), because now after the pandemic, people use computers for everything.

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Being forced to stay home made this happen, but also shaped how computers and technology in general will serve us in the future. Look how Facebook is pioneering virtual interaction. But, computers, internet and technology overall are not always bad for us. You being here, for instance, is an example of how computers help you make great decisions for the holidays, and in life.

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Computers / Internet in All Things  

From Zoom meetings to shopping, working or playing, it’s all being done online. Telehealth visits with doctors, streaming movies, even vacationing (virtually, of course) reached a new peak. Before the end of 2019, we were banking via internet. But now, doing everything via internet is the norm. So it goes that our computers are a must. And here, you’ll learn just how far we’ve come in making computers serve us in every way possible.

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Computer Inventions (1833 – 1974)

Old fashioned computer

In order to see how far we’ve come, we have to look in the past. The forerunner to all computers, old and new models, was the “analytical engine” (invented in 1833). It performed calculations and consisted of a mill, store, reader and printer: key elements in computers today. After that came the keyboard in 1868. Skip over to 1945 where we had “ENIAC,” the first Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, a digital all purpose machine that weighed 27 tons.

Next, in 1958, we had our first “modem,” first released by AT&T. Then, in 1961, computers learned to “network.” Interestingly, the first “mouse” in 1964 was made of wood. Networking computers were first linked in 1969, the same year the “internet” was invented. The first “Ethernet” cables were created in 1973. Subsequently, in 1974, the first “email” was sent.

Computer Inventions (1974 – 2005)

The word “internet” was first used in 1974. “Online” games were text-based and first played in 1980. Later in 1985, the first “dot-com” website was created ( Two years after, we had our first “GIF” (pronounced “jiff”) in 1987. Another two years, in 1989, the term “world wide web” was first coined. However, you would have first accessed internet in 1991, the same year “Archie” (for “Archive,” the first search engine) was invented.

By 1992, we were “surfing.” In 1995, we listened to our first “MP3.” After a year, in 1996, thanks to “Jennicam” you saw your first online “stream.” After two years, in 1998, “Google” was founded, its letters all black. It replaced “Mosaic” and “Netscape” in that it aimed to reach more people. Entering the new millennium, the first “iPod” was released in 2001. Whereas people first used “Facebook” in 2004, in 2005, “YouTube” first uploaded a video.

Computer Inventions (2006 –  )

“Twttr”, now “Twitter” was created in 2006, and in 2007, the first “iPhone” was launched. By 2009, “Bitcoin” was first introduced and a year later in 2010 we first went on “Instagram.” If not for “Zoom,” how would we have gotten through 2020? Zoom was actually invented in 2011. But, of course, like with the internet, the public didn’t get to use it till two years later in 2013.

Though it may appear that inventions have slowed down, since people now get newer versions of things we already use, see our Mobile Vital Monitoring Device page. This new edge device is the product of recent invention, and comes in handy for a pandemic. But this not the only first in modern inventions. Read on to learn more great “firsts.”

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All Things Computers / Internet – Blogging With Rory

What also comes in handy during a pandemic is change for the better. Learn how you will not only “upgrade” your life, but you will make money in fun and innovative ways. As we shift to doing everything online, it’s imperative we learn how computers and internet can be very helpful and useful to us. Too often, we know and hear about how harmful they are. But, we make our living with them, and count on them for big and small matters. So, why not make them serve us to our better, not worse?

Stop working that dead-end 9 – 5 job. It makes you tired and you get nowhere. Solve that problem and Blog with Rory. Unlike your job which requires your time, pays you little but expects much, you decide how much time you want to give to build your website. But note this, everything is under your control. Not only are you your own boss, with Rory, he’ll provide instructors to help you get closer to freedom that is promising, feasible, and gains you independence.

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All Things Computers / Internet – Free Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is the future of money. This is true, because money as it exists now has boundaries and varies in worth. But with Bitcoin, value is the same wherever you go. Also, it doesn’t require government or banks. Basically, it’s merit-based crypto that is exchanged between users. After they build blocks, they redeem it to make it spendable cash. Indeed, big companies like Amazon, Walmart, American Express and Etsy are using Bitcoin. Thus, it should surprise no one that countries will start circulating it. Already, El Salvador is using Bitcoin as legal tender (next to the American dollar).

Mining Bitcoin is easy. In fact, this app does all the work! Bitcoin is the future of world economy. So, start milking it! And don’t be fearful of it. Master it! Shër’s does the research to make all your decisions easy and convenient. Consequently, you don’t have to go out to get great info. However, don’t take our word for it. Let your own sixth sense hold council with you when it comes to making decisions. Yet, still save our website so you’re up to date with what’s out there!

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Other Things in Computers / Internet

In addition to Blogging with Rory and exploring the world of Smart Mining in Free Bitcoin, you will learn how to earn money doing everyday things. These are definite “FIRSTS.” From texting to gaming, watching TV and giving to charity. We put it all here in an effort to help people and gain them access to things not ordinarily shown them. Thus, when you read this you understand why we’re part of what we call the Performance Giving Network, or PGN. Check the link for more details.

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