E-business & e-marketing has been around for at least 40 years. Before there was Amazon, there was by Charles Stack (in 1992), which eventually became Barnes & Noble. Likewise, the growth of internet in the early 90’s brought businesses that experimented with online trading (via credit cards). Hence, we developed “e-commerce.” Now, in the 21st century, we’re “e-functioning” in just about everything. In this section, we’ll show you online opportunities available today that will benefit you.

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E-Business & E-Marketing, a Growing Trend

All Things E-Business & E-Marketing

Aside from online shoppers, there are marketers. Thus, for every Amazon, eBay and DoorDash patron there are individuals introducing, marketing, and selling the products that grab you. Going online has surpassed actually going to the store. So it goes that advertising is proving to be more effective through media.

The internet is the biggest tool being used for promotion besides television. And this became especially true after the pandemic hit. Virtual work and recreational activities have sky-rocketed. Likewise, the stats show many people are ditching their 9 – 5 jobs for online careers.

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Potential in E-Business & E-Marketing

Is it that people don’t want to work? Well, for some that may be the case. However, for many people, they see the appeal in working from home. Safety, familial concerns, and economic advantages play a factor. Still, of all the internet-based careers folks are getting into, marketing is reaching new heights.

First, it’s very flexible. Two, it’s personable. And thirdly, marketing allows relative distance between individuals. This is safe and effective in that chances of catching COVID is minimized. But, also, people are able to control how they want to connect – and how often – with people who share mutual interests.

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Blog With Rory

All Things E-Business & E-Marketing

One avenue to go is link-post blogging. This is marketing on a platform that promises growth and variety in innovative ways. Not only are you going to have access to great products, you’ll get the perks being a member of Rory’s team has to offer. In addition, link-post blogging is easy. Once you learn the skills, you move on to the next level of advancement.

While moving up in your marketing abilities, you also increase your income. By far, people are gravitating to this form of money-making because it’s peaceful, undemanding, yet produces. Plus, you are part of a group of people who help you every step of the way. At no time are you left alone: you are guided and encouraged always.

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Trying Something Different

Jobs are limiting in that sometimes they have to let people go. Making it is conditional, and dependent on the needs of others. If people are referred, they are usually treated better than others due to nepotism. Contrary to advancement for all, some are promoted for reasons that are both suspect and arbitrary.

Worse than that, you perform the same tasks in monotonous routines, and are paid set amounts (that are arguably less than you deserve). But, being handicapped in what you do, what you earn and how far you go suits some people. Especially, if you don’t know anything else, and are too afraid to try another route. Yet, there are other, freer, ways to make money. And, you’ll be happy. If you can’t quit your day job, do this at night:

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E-Commerce Gigs

All Things E-Business & E-Marketing

Referral programs are big in online marketing. You refer friends and family to YouTube videos, tweets, Instagram posts and internet links. Then you can refer people in programs that will pay you and raise you in status. For instance, in our Performance Giving Network page you learn about a few Free apps that not only pay you to do everyday things, they help you earn “points” when you refer others to do the same as you do.

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Healthy Mind, Body and Pockets

When you join Rory in link-post blogging and e-marketing various anchors, you will get to know some very lucrative ways to earn top dollars by simply referring others to come behind you. You build “table legs” on the right and left, or teams. Indeed, the more people that come behind you in these Referral Programs, the more you earn. The perks come in, because you get Free products that could cost you but won’t! Simply because you spread the word about a product. Wine Ambassador, Velovita, Tipping Circle apps and even Bitcoin Mining have programs set up to pay you easily for referring others.

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E-Business & E-Marketing in Crypto & Blockchain Technology

All Things E-Business & E-Marketing: Be The Change

Speaking of Bitcoin Mining, this is e-business and e-marketing at its most cutting edge. If you’ve been through our website, Shër’s goes above and beyond in bringing you the info. We also give you the links to get you better acquainted with blockchain technology, which is the Future. In fact, it’s Now! From earning crypto to traveling, to even building your own business, e-marketing like what we’re doing helps you do e-business. In the end, we both benefit in an e-commerce that is our reality and will be for a long time to come.

The Future is Now. Earn crypto and be a master in blockchain innovation

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