All Things Software & Services brings it all together. Roboform, Bitcoin, and Mobile Apps. Even employment like Link-Post Blogging. Technology today is vast, experimental and changing.

All Things SOFTWARE & SERVICES: codes

Not only is it allowing us to do things faster, it’s connecting us in various ways, locally and worldwide. Shër’s breaks down what’s current and will be here to stay. Whether you are tech savvy, or just like to use what’s new, here’s All Things Software and Services.

All Things Software & Services

Explore our Arts & Entertainment pages where you’ll learn to:



Watch TV

Tip Family and Friends

Without it costing you one red cent!

Software in Free Bitcoin

If you don’t know, Bitcoin is the Future of Money. And you can read about it in:

Smart Miner in Free Bitcoin

Stakebase (Cryptocurrency)

All Things Software & Services – Travel

Our world is getting more and more familiar with Blockchain technology. Soon, you’ll be doing:

Decentralized Travel

Not only will our software and services get you where you want to go, you’ll start:

Traveling For Less

Online Employment

Even employment is not off limits. Indeed, many people are leaving their nine to five jobs for online opportunities. And we know this much is certain: there’s nothing like being your own boss. No longer do you have to report to anyone. Indeed, discover the perks and benefits you’ll get:

Blogging With Rory

You’ll learn the essence of becoming a marketer for the 21st century. This is the New Age, and it’s packed full of great things you can do to get ahead in life. Who knew you could have a career where you not only look forward to going to work, but you learn so much and you run it yourself? Of course, the easy life can be yours when you do:

Link-Post Blogging

All Things Software & Services – TV “Linguistics”

Technology is so advanced these days. In fact, you can learn languages via apps like the one we provide in our Self Help and Personal Growth pages. Among other things, you could:

Learn A New Language at Home

Anything is possible now. And with the technology we have, everything is at your fingertips. Like shopping for all that you need without ever stepping foot outside your home.


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