Performance Blogging System

If you get into this program, you’ll have your own PBS, or Performance Blogging System. Even more, you’ll start to speak like a veteran. Once you update your PBS, you’ll post your ads so your SEO’s approved. You’ll probably join a few cold calls, and develop BRTs with your own leads. This is essential with Vmarketing. Then, at some point you’ll be a CSI, so your downline increases as you become a GSI, PSI, and MSI. By then, you’ll be in charge of SD leads, not to mention your “table legs” will increase.

Performance Blogging System

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For a lot of people who are not in marketing, all of that sounds intimidating. Truthfully, it’s not. In fact, nothing about being part of the RRR247 team is intimidating. Quite the contrary, once you get past the marketing terms link-post blogging becomes an easy pleasure.

So easy, and fun, you’ll work on your PBS every day. Not only that, you’ll rave about the products you market to everyone you know, and become adept at thinking like a blogger and e-marketer. Indeed, you’ll enjoy the perks that come with being part.

Get your own PBS, like we did, by Blogging with Rory. You won’t regret it!

Become Part of RRR247

Performance Blogging System

When you join, you will be provided tutorials that walk you through getting used to your PBS. You’ll have your own dashboard, and learn its features. You’ll also be assigned an instructor. Moreover, you’ll have access to very insightful webinars, and join the Skype chats where fellow bloggers share tips and encouraging words. In addition, you’ll get to know the affiliates you work with and market. Above all, you’ll earn points with our major anchors that provide Referral Programs which reward you for participating in them. 

On the one hand, you will have to build confidence (if you’re lacking). However, you will always have support. Though you may not be a writer, you will learn how to blog. RRR247 uses all social media platforms. From YouTube, to Facebook, to Instagram and Twitter. Naturally, for people who are especially shy being in the spotlight is “not their thing.” But, what’s great about working in the business of e-marketing is a lot of promotion and marketing is done via the internet. Thus, you control how much you put out. Likewise, you control your PBS, your number one tool in connecting with potential partners.

Like what you hear? See Link-Post Blogging with Rory for more info!

Connecting Across The World

Nine to five jobs allow limited connectivity. Here, you connect with people around the world. No doubt, this is exciting! Imagine speaking to people in different time zones. Are you aware of them all? In particular, the time zones you’ll get to know while blogging with Rory are AST, EST, CST, MST and PST. But what connects you is the passion you have to bring great offers to people. Specifically, people who may not have the means to buy expensive name brand items everyone else is using.

Unlike what’s sold by the same old resellers, RRR247 marketers show people alternatives that are new, trustworthy and inexpensive. Hence, your PBS through its many category pages will provide the best outlets for people. And you’ll be glad to be part of the mission that defines our Performance Giving Network. You’ll value shopping – because you do it! And you’ll understand people better as you learn to reach them in very interesting ways.

So, get out of that cocoon and let go of that 9 – 5 job!

Be your own boss today!

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