Products that Help Our Pets

Now, products that help our pets. This page is to the pet owners. Having a pet is wonderful. At least, when they’re not spiteful, or hissing and growling at you. For you fish lovers, we know… ha ha. And those who own birds, yeah, we see you: it’s funny, till Polly bites you or says a cuss word because she heard mom and pop say it. To all the rabbit, lizard, turtle, hamster, tarantula, snake, and praying mantis parents – here are the Products That Help Our Pets.

Products That Help Our Pets – Overview

Shër’s congratulates those who own pets. Not only because pets need homes like we do, but also because they teach us humility. Like children, they help us understand the importance of nurturing. We understand God’s love for His creations, and how varied and complex they all are. Additionally, we know that millions of people around the world own a pet. So, of course, we dedicate a page to the needs and cares of our four-legged, eight-legged, and no-legged companions.

And we have the best site to get whatever your animal needs. From toys to food, habitat spaces and tools to better raise your pet, Chewy has it all. Not only it is affordable, it’s legit, plus they vary in products. They accommodate every type of animal. Still, if you don’t have a pet, no worries. We provide helpful tips and info for your consideration.

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Canine Treasures: Products That Help Our Pets

Products that Help Our Pets: black puppy getting petted

Fido requires a lot of patience. We speak from experience. Dogs, when puppies, are like human babies in that you will get up at night to feed them, burb them, and coax them back to sleep. While some dogs are playful and friendly, others are moody and aggressive.

All dog owners know not to feed dogs chocolate, raisins, avocado, nuts, corn, onions, seeds and alcohol. What’s more, coffee and milk, whether separately or together, are reportedly not good for Fido (all the time). Yet, dogs can eat human food. In fact, their diet is flexible and varied. Your canine can eat anything from carrots to yogurt.

A healthy coat and skin mean bathing your pooch once a week in oatmeal shampoos. And healthy paws need wiping every time they come from outside. Most importantly, get ready to be outdoorsy and affectionate. No doubt, all dogs must get some air. Likewise, they will show their love. Not only demonstrative and willful, dogs are also very vocal. Get used to them barking at everything. But they are very loyal to the end and protective of their owners. We’re sure the rodents agree!

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Feline Pleasures

Products that Help Our Pets: kitty sitting on fence

Felix is quite frisky when a kitten, but as most people know, cats are independent, even nonchalant when fully grown. Though cats vary in temperament, and lists change with what breeds are friendly or unfriendly, all cats are nocturnal. Don’t be surprised if they “go hunting” on your kitchen table while you’re asleep. Unless you take Sheba out for a walk, cats don’t need baths.

However, they do need to go the vet. Likewise, cats are omnivores; thus, they’ll need fish and poultry along with whole grains and rice. Despite them being animals, their food should be cooked (not raw). Also, their litters should be changed every day. At least, their bathroom habits are far less messy than that of dogs! Still, compared to dogs who don’t change moods as often as you change clothes, cats will “disappear” for some time then just show up when they’re ready for company.

Unlike Fido who will live on average of up to 15 years, Felix can live up to 20, sometimes 30 years. But don’t overfeed them and get them lazier than they naturally are. Play with them often. And, yes, your furniture will be pawed and scratched.

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Under The Sea  

Products that Help Our Pets: fish looking at viewer

Fish need their tanks changed every two to four weeks. If you’ve been to an aquarium, you’ll notice fish, no matter what type, flourish in moving water. Hence, Nemo’s home requires a pump and filter. Gravel can be all colors; the more the merrier. Contrary to popular belief, fish do have personalities. Batfish are very friendly; on the other hand, Hawkfish are aggressive and predatory.

In addition, fish foods vary. While goldfish may like flakes, Firefish eat meat. Though clownfish require salt water, Neon Tetras swim in fresh water. Most people are familiar with Betta fish, as they’re sold in every pet store. However, they live up to five years tops. Surprisingly, goldfish when under proper care, will live for decades, even 60 years.

Moreover, in great care they will grow as long as a foot or more, and four to five inches in height. Still, all fish are quiet, independent creatures. So, if you’re not a cuddling type, or don’t feel obliged to take a pet outdoors, get an aquarium and school yourself on how to care for little Flounder and Dory.

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Tweet Tweet Tweet

Products that Help Our Pets: parrot looking at viewer

Bird owners will attest that having a cat or dog as a companion for Polly is not ideal. Birds “talk,” or “tattle.” They can also “taunt.” In addition, all birds need to fly around. Though some will walk on your table or floor, you’ll need space. Singing is a factor but not an obligation. While canaries are low maintenance, they’re also very messy. As for lovebirds, they’re affectionate when they like you, and aggressive when they don’t.

It’s said cockatiels need plenty of attention for a healthy mental state. Yet, these birds will let you pet and hold them a lot: not many birds do that. Paulie has a long lifespan compared to most pets. In fact, parrots will sometimes outlive their owners! Unlike those who own Fido, Felix or Nemo, Polly’s owners have fun training their birdie to talk.

Indeed, birds can have an extensive vocabulary. Not only that, they will imitate anything! From cellphone ringtones to alarms, inflections in speech and notes to songs. However, birds are not considered domesticated animals, so what you get when you invite them to your home is a slightly tamer version of what they do in the wild.

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Bunny Buddies

Products that Help Our Pets: little bunny by grass

Rabbits are interesting. They’re curious and stubborn. Though Roger requires a bunny pen (this can be a “cardboard castle”), he should be around the family. Rabbits are social creatures that need to feel secure in their environments. In fact, they like stability. Hence, taking your bunny out for a walk will be hard, as they’re not very trusting.

Still, exercise is good for their health. So, letting them run around your home is best, and hilarious. However, Roger will nibble on your belongings. Wires, paper, rugs – his teeth will chew anything! Of course, training your kit (baby rabbit) reduces litter problems later on. Likewise, providing them grass and hay for when they get bored will lessen their interest in eating your things.

Indeed, fiber rich leafy greens make up the other half of their diet. Contrarily, Bugs shouldn’t eat yogurt, cereals, walnuts, oatmeal, chocolate, meat and potatoes. Though rabbits live up to 12 years, dental and respiratory issues as well as mite infestations are common. Aside from that, stress can affect your bunny. Still, Peter is a great furry friend to have. What’s more, they groom better than cats!

Let them hop for joy with these bunny products that help our pets

Walk Like A Dinosaur

Products that Help Our Pets: gecko

It’s said lizards are the first of the reptilian family people will get as pets. They’re not frightening like snakes, or reclusive like turtles. Better still, they don’t have as many health issues as other pets, nor do they need supervisory care. From bearded dragons to different geckos, camouflaging chameleons and toad-like tuataras, people will have the essence of a dinosaur without the scare.

Generally small, they will blend in well with their environment. Thus, choosing the right cage for your little dino is essential. Lizzie’s diet consists of ants, spiders, other lizards, termites, and cicadas. Depending on the lizard, some will feed on fruits and vegetables. Unlike most pets, a lizard’s lifespan can reach 50 years. However, caring for one will involve ear infections, mouth rot, digestive tract diseases and herpesviruses.

Despite the popular opinion that lizards are “cold-blooded” when it comes to their personalities, in truth lizards can be very sociable, curious, responsive and alert. Indeed, Lizzie can even get lonely, though this is not typical. When picking out your four-legged reptilian, be sure to know which type is solitary and which will need companionship.

Reptilians get love here, too: lizard products that help our pets

Tub of Turtles

turtle sitting among fauna

Along with lizards, turtles are reptilian and solitary. However, unlike their cousins, Donatello needs much care. Grooming is particular and lasts a lifetime. Indeed, turtles require proper lighting and intricate water systems that maintain the right temperature and filtration. In the United States, most owners will have the red-eared slider.

But no matter what region they’re from, all turtles are extremely shy and reclusive. If unsure of a person’s intentions they will snap and bite. So it goes, children should probably stay away, till they’re at least twelve. However, turtle owners understand the bond they have with these unusually mild tempered animals. Not only that, they live long and when hatchlings reach adulthood these reptilians require less care. Only more space. As turtles will sometimes grow to be two feet long, they will start to travel a lot. But no worries, they take their time.

The tortoise wins with these turtle products that help our pets

No, I’m Not a Rat

Products that Help Our Pets: hamsters eating carrots

Hamsters are great pets for children. What’s more, they like to be handled. Cute, cuddly, and inquisitive, Hammy doesn’t make a lot of noise. Neither do they need a lot of space. On the other hand, they’re nocturnal. What does this mean for you? Well, they get active when you get sleepy. Not only that, they’re delicate so caring for them is crucial.

While you don’t need to walk them, they will wander and get into your things. Thus, they need cages, which will need to be cleaned at least once a week. Like rabbits, they will chew your stuff. Although, like rabbits, hamsters need to chew: it’s good for their teeth. On the other hand, like Bettas, they will live for about four years.

Though you can’t teach them tricks like you would Fido, they are quite intelligent and will recognize your voice. Also, they’re industrious and like to build with their hands. Hence, little sticks and objects they can move around and use to make their own “shelters” is ideal, not to mention cute to watch.

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Giddy Up Now! – Products That Help Our Pets

three horses on a plain facing the camera

Though horses are not commonly kept in urban areas, they are treated as pets and even family members in rural environments. And aren’t they majestic! Whether it’s the Arabian, Mustang, Irish Draught or miniature Shetland, horses are mostly affectionate, bright, spunky and proud.

Of course, they need plenty of space (and patience) because these four-legged ponies like to run around and ‘be free.’ In fact, be prepared for some fussiness, as Seabiscuit may have plenty of personality (that ‘spunk’ we mentioned earlier), and can be quite verbal before they submit to your will.

Still, once you get past ‘breaking’ the ice, horses are loyal to the end. Generally, they can live for up to thirty years, if provided a healthy diet and good care. Owners should feed their stallions or mares hay, grass, fruits and vegetables. Variety is key; aside from apples and carrots, horses will eat anything from raisins to strawberries. Given that they ought to exercise, their hooves will need special attention. So it goes, their stalls, too, require proper cleaning.

For more info on how to raise these beautiful beasts, go HERE then HERE.

Web of Surprises


Tarantulas are peaceful spinsters. When you get past their appearance, they are very nimble and talented. And typically, they leave you alone to “do their own thing.” Brazilian Blacks, Mexican Reds and Arizona Blondes are the most commonly raised. Though spiders are solitary creatures, they adept very well to domestic settings.

What’s more, tarantulas like being stroked and take handling very well. But they don’t like to be blown, and they don’t have good memory. Still, care for them is very low maintenance. Charlotte should be kept in glass enclosures with soft bedding and rocks for climbing. She must also be fed at least three times a week. Her diet consists of crickets, worms, cockroaches, and mice.

Likewise, tarantulas require veterinarian care for the occasional oral nematodes, which affects their appetite and discourages them from eating. As Charlotte can live up to 30 years or more, periodically taking down old cobwebs will be customary. But you will marvel at her handiwork when she goes to spinning. See it shimmer and shine in the sun with all its perfect rings and symmetrical patterns. What’s more, tarantulas come in many colors, some of them quite striking and vibrant!

Charlotte will enjoy this now and again after a few romps around your house: products that help our pets


Products that Help Our Pets: snake

Approximately 4.5 million American households have snakes for a pet. The one most people choose are Corn snakes because they’re the friendliest and easiest to care for. However, all snakes are naturally wary animals. Not only are they not easy to read, they’re not affectionate. In fact, they’re quite aloof and indifferent. What’s more, they don’t usually like to be handled (unless they like you) and aren’t the most patient.

Quick movements agitate them, yet you’ll need to move quickly when you feed them. Indeed, when it comes to food, they’re possessive. Still, if a snake is calm and slow, feels comfortable eating around you and doesn’t strike when you pick it up, they like you. Don’t be nervous when they stare at you, it means they’re hungry. Now, if your snake hisses at you, give them space. Snakes are not vocal or communicative but you’ll know when they’re not in the mood for company.

Even more interesting is that they will prefer to lay next to their owners, as this provides them heat. Also, they will remember you by the sound of your voice and how you hold them. Apparently, they’re sensitive to touch; their hearing comes through their jaws. So, if owning a python is your thing, here are some tips to go by and consider before serpent shopping.

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Serenely Praying – Products That Help Our Pets

praying mantis looking at viewer

Last but not least, praying mantes are alien looking cryptids that are alternately adorable and weird. Originally from Europe, these creatures found a home in the northeast about a hundred years ago. Now, they’re common in states like Vermont, New Jersey and the Carolinas. Their habitats range from woodland areas to vacant lots. While they grow from three to six inches long, they live for about eight months to a year.

In addition, their food is anything from fruit flies, moths, house flies, and crickets to bees, frogs, beetles and worms. Whether it’s the Paradoxa Ghost or the Giant shield, these insects are helpful to farmers because they keep other pests away from crops. When upset, they will stand on their hind legs and stretch out their forearms. Though this is cute, be warned: mantes will strike and bite with lightning quickness.

Still, mantes are curious. Aside from agile, they’re bold, and will engage contact with humans. For close ups, slide your hand or finger under their belly. Unlike most bugs, mantes will let you hold them. Above that, they’ll let your face get near without budging. Mantes don’t require the strictest care. However, most people don’t know there are laws in the U.S. and Canada that forbids killing them!

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Products That Help Our Pets – Happy Owners

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