All Things Pets and Their Needs

All Things Pets and Their Needs brings the Products That Help Our Pets… and more! Customary of Shër’s, we give info that is helpful and reminiscent (for those who know their pets inside out). Millions of people around the world have an animal for a companion or crutch. Here, we offer great tips and guide you to make the right decisions when it comes to shopping for your pet.

All Things Pets and Their Needs

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Here’s something interesting. Most dog owners may not know this but the first domesticated dog was the Bonn-Oberkassel. No doubt, wolves are the undisputed direct link to all modern dogs. Which explains a dog’s tendency to sometimes be feral and basic. Likewise, it goes without saying that their digestive systems are unlike ours.

Indeed, they still carry the same qualities as the wolf. Thus, it is our duty as owners to know what is best to feed our “domesticated wolves.” Which is why Shër’s takes you to the products you as parents will decide is good for them. Although, we don’t just share great info and deals for dogs. That would be unfair to the rest of the world population who owns every other animal.

So, in essence, we give tidbits on other types of pets. Indeed, the ones that are most popularly kept. From cats to lizards, birds to bunnies, Shër’s gives you the scoop on what makes our animals tick and how best to raise them. No need to shop blindly. Know what best suits you and the environment you share with the animal of your choice… Then, go for broke!

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More Updates to Come

Though this section is not full of pages like some of the others, don’t worry. True to our mission, we update constantly. In time, we’ll have more to add for all the pet lovers out there. Notably, there is one other product pet owners can consider that’s good for your pet. If you’ve been to our Beauty & Cosmetics section, you will have seen our Blue Scorpion Peptide page. There, we discuss the benefits of humans taking MRVL’s Blue Scorpion Peptide. However, this product is good for a dog’s immunity as well.

Don’t know about Blue Scorpion Peptide? See this link

All Things Pets and Their Needs – Cutting Edge MRVL Science

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As MRVL themselves put it, “… Blue Scorpion Peptide supports your pet’s natural immune function. In its original form, Caribbean blue scorpion venom contains antioxidants and chlorotoxin that promote wellness.” Thus, MRVL uses technology to separate what’s beneficial about blue scorpion venom for dietary and health purposes.

Once purified, this venom will boost your dog’s immune system by enhancing their enzymes, minerals and amino acids. See our Blue Scorpion Peptide page for more details on how this works and see this link for MRVL’s details on how you can purchase this groundbreaking product, or see for yourself if this is right for your pooch.

Benefit from a diet like this. Like owner, like pup – see the link!

Shër’s got you covered. As Smokey once said: “You better shop around.”


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