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In accordance with the FTC, the following is our Affiliate Disclosures disclaimer. Shër’s, under the RRR247 program, ensures all consumers’ transactions done on this website are legal. This Performance Blogging System, or PBS, is in connection with the Work From Home Affiliate Marketers program. It is, therefore, our privilege to serve our consumers with great products and great deals all around the world.

Thus, anything offered here is a representation of what we’re about. In fact, what we bring exemplifies our mission to help people and introduce them to incredible finds online. Consequently, we are thankful for the compensation we receive in e-marketing, traffic and commissions. Your doing e-business with us supports our families. Hence, the reason for this early disclosure, whereby we state plainly our fair use of affiliate links for tracking and payment purposes.

Shër’s Affiliate Disclosure In Association with RRR247

Please note that we are a community that shares in Affiliate Marketing. Essentially, Shër’s is part of a program that trains and supports individuals who express interest in becoming a partner in Affiliate Marketing. Indeed, under the RRR247 Program, led by CEOs Rory & Tanya Riccord, we provide the tools by which affiliates become successful. Likewise, we provide the means for newcomers to contact RRR247 for more information on how to obtain and become part of a personalized Performance Blogging System that participates in Affiliate e-Marketing.

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What Are Affiliate Links?

Purchases made on external websites that belong to clients and partners. Clicking on a link will send you to the website of a client or partner. Shër’s, like others who are part of the RRR247 Program, aims to serve consumers and patrons with products that help them and have long lasting value. We make it our mission to also keep this shopping environment safe and comfortable for all involved.

Affiliate Disclosures Inform On The Role of Marketing

This disclosure is so the consumer understands clearly our business and the role the consumer has with regards to our website. Affiliate Marketers determine their prices on all products. We simply provide the external links to connect you to their products. The external links belong to the clients and partners.

When directed from this PBS to an external link, we do not control or contribute to any prices whatsoever. Moreover, prices do not change from link to link. Items purchased through an affiliate or non-affiliate link will be the same. In many cases you will save money using the products we provide. We also provide discounts or offer codes (when available).

This community of online marketing gives students and professionals the opportunity to benefit in marketing skills and making money. You will be in the business of marketing online (e-marketing) and e-commerce. Our responsibility, which may be yours if you take part, is to provide the best products at great offers. Our privilege is to sample and share the products with free promotional content. As a result, we gain the financial rewards that comes with this line of business.

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Link-Post Blogging – Affiliate Disclosures

Understanding link-post blogging is key to knowing how you will become a link-post blogger. You can make a very comfortable living from this. Feel free to see the link provided for a better understanding. Basically, you will write a blog, post a link, promote, post ads, try the products, give testimonies (in some cases), and refer others as per our PGN mission to spread the wealth.

Because in this trade, you will rise in creativity, develop an independent business mindset and see your income increase exponentially. Indeed, there are multiple ways to earn spendable cash and crypto. To learn more about that see our Computers / Internet and Blockchain Innovation pages.