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All things Women’s Sports Apparel is here. And we need it. Women are doing everything. Not only are we still fulfilling our roles as wives and mothers, we’re professionals, goal chasers, and trend setters. Additionally, we’re making a difference in the world.

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That being said, our clothes are evolving, just as we are. And, yes, women are dominating sports. So it goes without saying that women should have the gear to match their prowess. Well, we have it here. Indeed, KadyLuxe is bringing you the styles and comforts of Women’s Sports Apparel.

The Need For Women’s Sports Apparel

Women's Sports Apparel: KadyLuxe founder, Kady Zinke

Kady Zinke, founder and CEO of KadyLuxe, started out as a dancer. In particular, she was an NBA dancer. Obviously, she would know about flexibility. What inspired her to launch an active wear clothing line for women is for her athleticism and physical agility, her clothes were not as elastic. Neither did they compliment her well. As she states, she was “embarrassed” with the outfits given her to perform. Resultingly, she felt something had to be done about that.

Women's Sports Apparel: blue leggings

So, she sought to capture the indomitable female spirit, the “queen” in all of us, who deserved leggings, sweaters, sports bras and jackets that allowed us to be sexy and free to move around. Thus she began her venture with women’s sports apparel which would achieve showcasing the beauty and femininity of the female body. Through cozy, form fitting fabrics of various colors that catch the eye, KadyLuxe brings out the Queen in every woman, no matter what she does in life.  

From Dallas Cowboys NBA gear to clothing for your Collegiate. KadyLuxe got you covered in All Things Women’s Sports Apparel.

We bet you’ll want these for the holidays…

Women's Sports Apparel - some KadyLuxe designs

Be your own Queen in Women’s Sports Apparel and bring out the pro!

Empowerment. Sisterhood. And a New Kind of Sexy in Women’s Sports Apparel: KadyLuxe.

From Women’s Sports Apparel To Beach Gear

Women's Sports Apparel to Beach wear: Cupshe logo

And for all of you sun-chasers out there, we have something for you, too. Shër’s introduces many deals and near-steals. As it’s the holiday season, a time of gift-giving and non-stop shopping, you must check out Cupshe, the go-to for women’s swimwear and beach gear. For a cool, sexy, chill look, you got it. Featured in Bustle, Oprah, Us Weekly and Elle magazines, Cupshe is California-inspired and embodies the ideal Vacation vibe.

Women's Sports Apparel to Beach Gear: girl in beach wear

Their bathing suits and summer wear are comfy, chic and affordable. Likewise, their appeal is to have that fun in the sun look. From bikinis to one pieces, wear what suits you. Maybe it’s a summer dress that’s perfect for walking along the shore. Or, athleisure for the girls who play hard at volleyball. Cupshe’s got beach wear for all sizes and shapes. You have styles to match all types. What’s more, they’re offering discounts of up to 300 points for early Black Friday deals. So, you’ll get items like:

Don’t miss out! Visit Cupshe and look California dreamin’.

From Sports Gear, Beach Wear To…

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