The Football Game

Fall is football season. And anyone who has a love for the game will love QB54. If you’re planning on visiting family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s and you want something to do? Whether outdoors (if the weather permits), or indoors (if you have the room), you’ll want this. QB54 is sure to make the holidays exciting! It’s definitely a must have for those who love a good football game. And it will keep you in shape. This is one of our biggest sells, and we’re not just saying this. QB54 is fun for all ages, all seasons, and all recreational spaces!

For The Love Of Football

The Football Game: founders Mike and Frank Silva

This game set was founded by two New Jersey born and raised young-at-heart guys, Mike and Frank Silva in 2016. They’ve played football since they were 9 and 12; in fact, they used two garbage cans as their football goal posts. After one Thanksgiving dinner, they set off what they’d later call their “Thanksgiving Classic.” They did it so often, when a neighbor came by to join them, this gave them the incentive to make this a career.

Don’t wanna just watch football? Play it! Get QB54 and get in the game!

How To Play A QB54 Football Game Like A Pro!

The Football Game play set

The rules are simple. After you set your game chairs about 40 feet apart, two to four people can play. To be specific, for two people, it’s one versus the other; if four people, it’s teams of two people each. These one to two person teams will alternate throwing the ball. Whoever hits either chair scores 3 points. Players who get the ball in the hole scores 6 points (that’s a ‘touchdown’). The team who does this earns a kick from the goal post for an extra point. If you get the ball in the hole, you win the game instantly! The Silva brothers call this the “Fitz” because a guy by that name was able to do it first time.

But, if the kick is a “wide right” or a “wide left”, the game is still in play. Likewise, the defense team can catch the ball and return it to score. Now, if a player throws the ball and it bounces from the ground to the basket, the other team scores 2 points. If a team throws the ball and it bounces from the chair, the other team will score 3 points if they catch it before it hits the ground. Both teams must reach 54 points for a win; as for the losing team, they’ll have one last throw just because LOL!

For more rules and specifics, see this link and get in the game!

Play QB54 Football Games Anywhere

family playing QB54 game set

What’s more, this game set packs light. In fact, all you need is two foldable chairs, two goal posts, a football, a kicking Tee, a ball pump with steel needle and a carry bag to put everything in. Those parts that get lost, like the goal pieces, ‘elbow’ and ‘t’ joints, can be replaced, no problem. Additionally, QB54 offers NFL flags, NCAA Licensed flags, NFL and NCAA footballs with vintage logos, and NFLPA face masks for a real NFL feel of the game.

The Football Game

Plus, this kind of football is good to play anywhere. On the beach, in your backyard, in the woods, in the park, on a school playground, in a gym – anywhere there’s space! QB54 football is fun for everyone of all ages. It’s like cornhole, but better! Enjoy football all year round without the physical handicaps and long term health issues that come with playing professional football. Still, amateurs are not the only ones who can play. Pros, bring it on!

Football Season is here, so get in the game with QB54 and start playing.

QB54 Football Game Accessories

guy on beach playing with QB54 play set

Aside from the QB54 game set, football lovers get other accessories that are sure to get you in the football mood. From the Scoring Kit and Football bundle to Referee Flags and Trucker hats, you’ll be ready to play and look the part! It doesn’t stop there. To be on top of your game, you’ll need to keep score. Hence, the QB54 score app, which you can download HERE. It’s also available on the app store.

Don’t waste another minute. Check the link and start playing QB54 Football for the holidays!

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