The Best Body Scrubber

Skin smooth as a baby’s bottom. Lotions and soaps are created to get you that, but how about when you bathe and you want that good clean that leaves you feeling refreshed? Well, we have what we think is the best body scrubber that can do the job and more. What’s more, the whole family can have one. Read on; you’ll be saying, “Wow!”

A Body Scrubber That Gets It Right

pink Wowo body scrubber

If you’re using a washcloth or back scrubber, they’re probably full of germs and are not getting you as clean as you think they are. Soap can only do as much. Then, too, scrubbing down those hard to reach places may leave you wondering what “surprises” are cropping up there. But with Wowo, you’ll be feeling like you haven’t bathed in months. After all, that’s the point of why Wowo was made: we need cloths that will get the job done in this World of Washing Ourselves.

Red, yellow, blue, green and more colors sold here. Enjoy scrubbing.

Therapy In The Best Body Scrubber There Is On Earth

The Wowo body scrubber was designed to exfoliate skin and reach places washcloths don’t. Likewise, Wowo body cloths rub on the skin, yet still do a deep-clean, like other back scrubbers but not as roughly. No need to dig – use a cloth that stretches and can hold enough water and soap to lather you down to a soothing finish.

Saphire blue Wowo body scrubber partly outside a Wowo container

The Wowo cloth’s special feature is its ability to clean and massage skin. Besides, dead skin build up in in-between places (like your ears and toes) should be done away with. Scientific studies show washcloths can store up to and over 4,000 different germs, one of which is staphylococcus aureus, a nasal-based bacteria that causes staph infections. Feeling ill? This might be it.

Own as many Wowos as you want. There’s one for every member of the family.

Everybody’s An Island… Till They Change Washcloths

When using washcloths and loofahs, you’ll need to change it up every few days. Why? Well, because keeping them for longer than that may encourage bacteria growth. Indeed, it may be the reason you suffer from nasal infections, skin rashes and even that funny ear-itch. Worse than that, putting it in places that allow entrance into the body (i.e. private areas) brings fresh new bacteria into an environment already ripe for bacteria growth. Not a good idea.

Ditch the cloths and get Wowed with the Wowo Body Scrubber!

Exfoliating and Inexpensive. What More Do You Want?

Lime green Wowo body scrubber

Wowo’s are reusable, come in many colors – one for every member in the family – and can stretch a full arm or leg’s length. Expensive soaps that contain therapeutic qualities, to lotions your doctor prescribes – don’t need ‘em! Of course, they do something… But, why spend so much money to get the results you can easily get with a colorful body scrubber that doesn’t cost you much? Why does it take an arm and leg to love the skin you’re in? And why make bathing a procedure? Enjoy splashing it up with the Wowo body scrubber the whole family can have. And have fun bathing.

Love the skin you’re in with Wowo now!

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