Survival Gear

When you see the word ‘survival’, you probably think ‘apocalypse’, ‘stocking up’, ‘underground living’, or ‘Tom Hanks’. Well, all of those do apply (somewhat LOL), but survival is also protecting yourself from present danger. Survival is learning a trade, or a useful hobby. Survival is preparing for the years ahead, not just the days ahead. So it goes that survival gear is wearing what’s smart and what’s convenient.

Survival Gear – Klitch FootwearClip

Survival Gear

That brings us to Klitch, which was started by two Rutgers University friends who’s idea for FootwearClip was first drawn on a Panera napkin. Thus, outdoor activities and working out just got easier. In fact, it frees people of having to carry their running shoes, sneakers, boots, sandals, cleats, spikes, turf shoes, dress shoes, pumps, uggs and flip-flops in bulky backpacks or extra bags. Instead you hang your footwear outside of your bag so nothing inside gets soiled from contact with your shoes. What’s more, the clip holds up to 20lbs!


Not only can people use the FootwearClip outdoors, it’s useful at home and while traveling. Separate your shoes to make more space in your closet and keep clean shoes from getting dirty. Everyone can use it. From the kid who has soccer practice, to the business man or woman who changes shoes before going to or coming from work. The clip is lightweight, helps you organize and store your shoes, and most importantly it conveniently relieves people from having to carry, mix, or ruin your shoes. Also, it comes in all colors and is very affordable.

See what else Klitch has for your survival needs, such as Deodorizer.

Survival Gear – DoomsdayDNA

Survival Gear

Fish like you never did before. Oh, you don’t fish? Well, you will. And hopefully not because poultry is running short. For those who love the quiet, peaceful hobby of ‘going fishing’, or those who like to catch their own dinners, you need DoomsdayDNA. This site is the go-to for fishing bate and gear. Aside from Base Turtle Fishing lures, you get fishing rods, storage bags, satchels, travel kits and even toys for the kids. Since Millennials are leaving 9 – 5 jobs in droves for farming and other hands-on activities and projects, going fishing is not so much a past-time; in fact, it may become a trade. Hey, fish is healthy after all. And learning to catch your dinners will prove useful and survivor smart.

So, start fishing like a pro and catching Big Fish by going to DoomsdayDNA

Survival Gear – Brave Response Holster

logo for gun holster Brave Response

Not everyone is behind civilians who are not in uniform carrying guns, and that’s understandable. Some people are too trigger happy for everyone’s comfort. Nevertheless, Americans still have the right to bear and carry guns under their Second Amendment right. In certain states, having a gun is not only necessary for safety purposes, it’s part of how people make their living. Hence, having the right gun holster helps keep so dangerous a tool and weapon from getting loose and going off accidently.

Concealed Carry Gun owners go to Brave Response Holster. This hip hugger forms like a belt is flexible enough to expand or make shallow. Consequently, you can hide your concealed weapon, or make it visible. It’s one size fits all and holds up to three magazines, even your flashlight. Waists up to 54 inches can wear it. But most importantly, all types of handguns can fit this holster. So, whether you’re carrying a semi automatic Colt, Springfield, Dan Wesson, Kimber, Sig Sauer, Turnbull, Remington or any other handgun, this holster will accommodate them all. Interested in guns? See this page.

CCW Supporters and Gun Owners in General: Go HERE for the best holster there is.

Survival in Crypto

Survival Gear: bitcoin

Economic survival is a must. With possible inflation and our inevitable segue to cryptocurrency becoming obvious, people who learn the new way to earn and exchange money will survive the world Bitcoin rules. For more information on Bitcoin and how it works, and the direction the world is going to, which will involve the New World Order, check this page. Not that this world should be a scary one. Though Conspiracy Theories do abound and some may be true, people can earn points in Bitcoin. Check this page for that info, as well.

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