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If you don’t know about cryptocurrency, well, get to know it. Bitcoin is the future. It is the money big companies like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot and Starbucks are rewarding. Bitcoin is also a major part of the Stock Exchange, and the Stock Exchange affects your Life Insurance and Retirement policies. Aside from apps that help you mine Bitcoin, there’s Stakebase-Crypto Exchange.

Stock Exchange – Crypto Investing

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Paper money is going extinct. Face it. Those who watch the rise and fall of our economies attest to this. As a result, cryptocurrency is slowly replacing it. Already, Bitcoin is much a part. Also true, some countries are utilizing Bitcoin, or other forms of cryptocurrencies, in their every day businesses and other exchanges. As companies segue to “staking” in their investments in computer-based money, people will eventually become part because they work, or shop, for and around these business. Hence, learning and earning crypto is the surest way to secure your future in an increasingly obvious New World Order.

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Mining Crypto with Stakebase

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In our Smart Miner in Free Bitcoin page, we discussed what Bitcoin is, how it works and what is out there to help you “mine” it. However, there are other tools of that trade, which we will provide here. Stakebase, in their words, is “the first cryptocurrency exchange enabling users to automatically earn staking and masternode rewards on their deposited coins, while simultaneously being able to trade.” Essentially, it’s like the Stock Exchange of crypto money. So, instead of using dollar bills, you use crypto.

Stakebase makes it easy to earn more crypto by investing what you mine in a “staking wallet.” What’s more, you earn rewards when you refer others to do the same. Thus, for every time you refer someone to stake crypto as you do you get extra “points.” For those who’ve seen our Paid to Game page, this should sound familiar. In fact, many sites and apps are introducing people to effortless ways of making money – crypto money. Notably, these money making opportunities also encourage you to “share the wealth” by spreading it, therefore leaving less room for anyone to miss out.

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Stakebase Is Green and Gives Right Away

Unlike most cryptocurrency building platforms, Stakebase allows you to take your hard earned coins out whenever you want. In addition to that, Stakebase is a green version of most Bitcoin earning tools. It’s powered by “BitGreen” or “BITG,” an energy-sustaining form of crypto that is considered a healthy alternative. Launched in 2017, BitGreen’s goal is climate health, reduced carbon footprints and sustainability for local businesses. Improving the environment in this way ensures long-term benefits for all.

Companies like Tesla stopped investing in Bitcoin explicitly because of this reason: Bitcoin mining, if not done efficiently, will put a strain on other resources which serve us in other ways. Indeed, Bitcoin mining sucks up a lot of power; 65% of it alone takes place in China. Thus, we see a push for 5G. Though Bitcoin mining is based on the internet, the internet requires energy. This is mostly culled from burning coal, believe it or not. But burning coal has huge carbon emissions that greatly affect climate, heating the atmosphere by 46% worldwide. 

A Wise Choice In Cryptocurrency Mining

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Thus, with all the toxic exhaust it takes to mine Bitcoin – we didn’t even get into how 5G plays a role – BitGreen is healthier. Consequently, then, Stakebase is a wise choice. The way you build in blockchains is relatively the same – you can learn more about it HERE. Likewise, your financial networking in a shared wallet is secured. Because of the “masternodes,” your transactions will still trace back to you. Not only will you earn rewards staking crypto coins in a shared wallet, you’ll earn rewards for referring others to do the same. No doubt, you’ll be doing what is our mission – see it here!

So stake your claim with Stakebase, the Crypto Stock Exchange today!

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