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To understand smart mining in Bitcoin, one must first understand Bitcoin. Likewise, you must know what it means for your world. As it’s changing, some would even say evolving, it’s good to know how, why, and where you fit in. So, here is a basic introduction to Bitcoin and its world, in which we will all become part in some way or other. Here is how you earn crypto by becoming a smart miner in free Bitcoin.

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So, What Is Bitcoin?

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In short, Bitcoin is digital currency that does not involve an intermediary (such as a bank). Started by “Satoshi Nakamoto” (an alias or group), it is essentially a person-to-person exchange. Because of this, it doesn’t need government control. As more companies and employers segue to using Bitcoin, recipients build block-chains. Users get rewarded for aligning their block-chains to other block chains in three ways. First, your cryptocurrencies are secured in a “shared wallet.” Second, you become part of a “loyalty network” that allows for continual building. Third, redemption of all you’ve accumulated increases so you can spend what you’ve built.

Companies find Bitcoin more feasible: there’s no interest rates, no middle man, and all transactions are direct. Not only that, they’re consolidating. Everyone can benefit solely on merit. Companies like Walmart, PayPal, Home Depot, Whole Foods, Amazon, Starbucks and American Express are some of the major retailers currently using it. Indeed, one way to start customers on Bitcoin is when they spend via credit cards: they pay you Bitcoin for free. Because Bitcoin is “air money” (meaning it’s internet-based), a “crash” like that of 1929 can’t occur. Perhaps, this explains the push for 5G internet.

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What Is 5G?

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Verizon and Samsung commercials stay shoving it down our throats, but what is it? In short, it’s fifth generation worldwide internet that’s wireless and connects everything faster in a more efficient way. Unlike the first, second, third and fourth generation networks, 5G connects people and machines on a much wider scale so fast and more reliably but with very low latency. However, 5G uses more data, hence they consume more small cells or low level radio waves. Therefore, 5G requires “cell towers” to pull small cells for acute functionality, like rapid signaling and prompt deliveries.

Unlike Bitcoin, no one individual or company created 5G; but, the company to whom 5G is attributed the most is Qualcomm. Likewise, 5G is independent of its predecessors 1G – 4G because it provides greater connectivity. This helps Bitcoin, a growing opponent to separate, region-based monies. As the world becomes more interconnected, block-chain mining in crypto will prove more convenient. Additionally, people are becoming more used to living virtually. Hence, they’ll accept money virtually. We’re speaking, interacting and conducting business virtually; 5G will, therefore, get it done faster.  

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Smart Miner in Free Bitcoin

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Mining bitcoin is, put simply, circulating new bitcoin. In essence, computers do it for you by solving complex math “puzzles.” Once they’re solved, new bitcoin is produced. Solving these math problems strengthens the Bitcoin network. In fact, it secures payment and verifies a user’s transactions. Because Bitcoin is so secure, it can’t be counterfeited, nor can there be inflation. A record of every transaction is kept; so, for any “block” built, “Bitcoin miners” in “Mining Pools” will put them in a “blockchain” or public “ledger.” “Nodes” keep track of these ledgers for future use. That way, payout is to the specific miner who built the chain and earned their “block reward.”  

Interestingly, Bitcoin is finite. To be exact, there is only 21 million of it. Thus, buying Bitcoin by the bulk is unnecessary. Though, notably, when buying “low,” to make the most money you should sell “high.” Bitcoin started with a U.S. penny in 2010; by 2017, however, Bitcoin amounted to $20,000. As far as its going rate, Bitcoin’s worth is still increasing. It has the value equivalent of gold, except you can’t use it illegally. El Salvador was first in making Bitcoin its legal tender secondarily. More countries are leaning towards this internet based currency as the threat of inflation rises for everyone worldwide.

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Smart Mining with Computta

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Given that computers do the hard work of figuring out puzzles and building blockchains, why not get a program that assists your computer. It is true that Bitcoin will stymie even the smartest devices, it’s just that hard. This is why we have Computta. Designed to simplify difficult Bitcoin math puzzles for any computer, this app, the brainchild of cryptocurrency professionals, enables everyone to make digital money on autopilot.

Easy to install and even easier to use, this app is compatible with 95% of Windows computers and works in the background. Aside from not interfering with your everyday use, it’s absolutely free and takes 5 minutes to install. Also, you can install it on several computers, so your Bitcoin earnings will grow exponentially. You don’t have to be a Bitcoin expert. Moreover, you don’t have to be a technician or IQ wiz.

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Smart Miner in Free Bitcoin Affiliate Program

As a member in Computta, you’ll be part of an additional program that is set up to help you earn even more crypto in Bitcoin mining. SEOs and Web designers use Computta and you’ll see why people are raving about this new edge, leading proponent of earning Future money. Because Bitcoin is the money of the future. And you can mine it wisely.

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