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Shopping is fun when you get the best deals for the best quality stuff, and we have both! Shër’s got you covered in everything. From clothing to beauty products, health to mobile apps, we got it all. And what better way to feel great shopping than to shop small. What do we mean? Well, we have great products that are small in some ways but very big in others. In fact, they’re excellent when it comes to value. And as the holidays are coming up, we feel you could definitely use some healthy Retail Therapy.

So, What is Retail Therapy?

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Retail Therapy is buying whatever will pick up your mood. Because life sometimes is stressful, people will shop to feel good. With all that’s out there, you won’t know what to get. Shër’s tries to bring you several offers at your fingertips. You don’t have to travel (except with your mouse). And we enjoy making people’s lives better. Shopping will do that, online shopping especially. However, shopping smartly is even better. There are some things that cost little but will get the job done in satisfying the customer and providing you value for your buck.

Better BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce Red Lipstick

If you’ve been through our website, then you already know about some of the food items which are great to try and share with others. Items such as churros and wine. In addition, we bring Redneck Lipstick. Unlike what it sounds, it’s all about the sauce. Barbecue sauce, to be exact. And though you may be looking at this site during the Fall and Winter months, this shouldn’t stop you from checking out what you could have for the Summer.

This is not just any BBQ sauce. Aside from offering you recipes you could try at home, you’ll get accessories such as t-shirts, hats, stickers and tumblers. Redneck Lipstick is for BBQ lovers, and what doesn’t taste good barbecued? With the ingredients that go into Bobby Wagner’s special sauces, you’ll enjoy franks, burgers, steaks, even pizza better! Not only that, you’ll get great tips for how best to barbecue and other interesting nuggets of info. Do yourself a favor and check out Redneck Lipstick. You won’t regret it!

All Things Taco

For all you taco lovers out there, we got it! From the same people we introduced you to in our Churros page, we bring you All Things Taco. Here, you’ll get cute t-shirts and thread wallets you won’t get at Taco Bell. Plus, a link to how to make your own perfect tacos. It’s not just meat in a fold up sandwich. Contrary to that, tacos have a real history and culture that offers variety and a uniqueness you can enjoy. For all the taco lovers, or genuine foodies, out there, see All Things Taco and their Search For The Perfect Taco. You won’t be disappointed!

Retail Therapy in Function Fashion

Retail Therapy - Better Shopping: Function Fashion Sholdit Logo

There’s no telling what interesting thing you’ll find next in Shër’s. This Everything Store will always come up with more and more ways to make your life convenient. Take, for instance, Sholdit. Garnering rave reviews from The View, Good Morning America, Forbes magazine, the Travel Channel and USA Today, Sholdit is smart fashion. No doubt, it’s fashion that provides function and freedom.

Scarves that hold your iPod and wallet. Convertible face masks that are as useful as they are stylish. Chic and smart sarongs that hold your belongings and cover your beach bod. Wallets with many sleeves and the room to hold your cell phone, money, cards and even lip gloss. This all started with Angela Lee back in 2010, who used her $20 sewing machine to launch then patent an idea that now rewards millions. Fashion that helps you function and gives you the freedom to do and use every day things – you gotta get Sholdit.

Retail Therapy - Better Shopping: Mmmly cookies

Cookies that are actually healthy? Yes, that exists. Mmmly provides a food source that has 2 grams of sugar, and vegetable extracts, prebiotics, nuts, and fruit. This plant-based cookie promises health in that is keeps you hydrated, gives you fiber, helps you process healthy fat and doesn’t saturate you with sugar. What’s more Mmmly is inexpensive. Their cookies fill you up like a meal but won’t put the weight of a meal on you.

If you’re tired of feeling guilty for wanting to eat cookies while you diet, or like to snack at night after dinner, Mmmly is for you. Now, you get a cookie that is not like other processed foods. Indeed, some of the ingredients that go into are excellent sources of health. Such as almonds, coconut oil, hazelnuts, agave fiber, apple cider vinegar and sunflower lecithin and so much more! Not sure what to bring to that Christmas Party you’re going to attend? Get Mmmly… you’ll thank us!

Retail Therapy in a Water Purifier

Tap water sometimes isn’t as transparent as it looks. You could use a water purifier, such as this Water Machine. Its technique is simple: using gravity, three gallons of water will pass through an upper chamber. Once it’s purified of chemicals like fluoride and chlorine, drinkable water is stored in the lower chamber. You won’t get a metallic taste from drinking tap water, or a plastic taste from drinking bottled water. The machine, which is made of glass, is eco-friendly in that if it’s disposed, it will go right into the environment. Start purifying your water and your body by getting this Water Machine.

Cellphone Protectors & More…

Retail Therapy - Better Shopping: Rokform image of cell phone protectors

Last but not least, keep your shopping list smart by getting a cellphone protector. Rokform offers solid screen protectors and belt clips that benefits everyday users. Aside from these, Rokform sells adapters, wireless speakers, replacement parts and other accessories such as mounts that enable you to plug your cellphone up. Whether in your car or on your bike, on a motorcycle or even a golf cart, you’ll be able to carry your cellphone on your vehicle. Rokform gives useful, convenient and smart options for cell phone users everywhere. Though so far Rokform gears their products towards Apple and Samsung cell phones, you’re bound to find something to stock up for this holiday season.

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With Shër’s, you won’t run out of ideas for what to buy for the holidays. There are so many other offers and deals we have, you’ll be here all day or night. And that’s fine – that’s why we want to bring you everything at your fingertips. You should feel like you’re at an Everything Store. The Pandemic may have shutdown many physical stores, but it can’t slow down what online stores are bringing. Shop for less and get the best here at Shër’s.

And see this page for something interesting to do on the holidays. Cheers!  

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