PrimeOne TV – TV Future is Here!

… With PrimeOne TV. This app not only offers payment to text and game. It helps viewers earn money for watching television. Read on to learn how, or miss out on the benefits of getting rewarded for being entertained. No doubt, this is a first as no other app is doing this. Go ‘head and read about it here. We promise you’ll be interested…

TV in Need of An Upgrade

Television has been around for a little under one hundred years. In fact, it was invented in September of 1927. But it has evolved ever since. And now, there’s an app that not only offers you to watch TV for free, it actually pays you to watch. Hey, there’s a first time for everything.

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Why PrimeOne TV?

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PrimeOne apps are revolutionizing the way people do things. No doubt, change couldn’t have come at a better time. Statistics show the pandemic caused people of all ages who were forced to stay home to increase their TV viewing. Still, it remains that those who fall under the age of 65 are watching less TV than “Baby Boomers.” In fact, what younger folks are doing is streaming more.

Hence, PrimeOne TV works if you’d rather watch shows and movies on your cellphone, tablet or other mobile device. Perhaps ordinary “TV” is too stationary. Yet, the pandemic put everyone on pause in 2020. Consequently, people took up watching it. But as of 2021, with the brunt of the pandemic behind us, people again are “on the go.” And since they’re moving, so must their viewing devices.

This is why PrimeOne TV’s a must. Besides, it’s easier to stream and download entertainment, than pay for it. PrimeOne TV is easy for even eighty year-olds to watch television away from their TV set.

What else should I know about PrimeOne TV?

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With the PrimeOne TV app, you’ll no longer have to pay a cable bill. In addition, you’ll be getting the same access as cable television. From daytime to primetime shows and news, to movies and sports games – all can be seen for free on your device. Contrary to cable, PrimeOne TV will pay you to watch whatever. By referring others to sign up will you start to earn. Regardless of age or taste, PrimeOne TV has over one hundred Premium channels everyone can enjoy. So, getting people on board shouldn’t be hard.

The app is compatible with several streaming devices, some of which are featured below:




Apple TV

Samsung Smart TV


Google TV

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Viewer Control, and the Path of Television

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Under the “Proof of Consumption” concept, PrimeOne TV pays its viewers to be entertained. This idea may be designed to improve the quality of television. TV’s overall use will help determine if it’s necessary down the line. Before, television controlled what people saw. Hollywood and Network studios for decades decided what direction times were going. Thus, people emulated what was shown to them.

Lately, though, Hollywood and television saw their viewership decline. This happened during and post the pandemic. If trends indicate anything, Hollywood may become extinct. TV, however, will only grow in content and its viewers. Streaming apps help bridge the two, opening the way to the future of how we watch. Apps like PrimeOne TV confirms why we watch.

“Times are a-changing…”

So now, the viewer decides what path entertainment will go. You don’t like a program? You probably won’t watch it. Studios, big and small, compete to get your attention, while PrimeOne TV sets the stage for New Age viewing. They pay you and help shape TV’s future. But this is not your headache. Instead, just sign up, install the app, watch free TV and refer friends and family. In the end, you’ll earn some crypto which can become cash. Let Hollywood, TV, streamers and apps sort out everything else.

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I know PrimeOne TV, but PrimeOne City?… What’s that?

Another factor of the PrimeOne app is PrimeOne City where people can connect in various ways that keeps them engaged and in the know. Basically, PrimeOne City puts all these great benefits together. PrimeOne Chat pays you to text, while PrimeOne TV pays you to watch your favorite movies, shows, news and games. PrimeOne Node, part of PrimeOne Domain, helps you manage your business and stay informed of financial changes happening locally. And PrimeOne Life helps you shape the future of your city and where you want it to go.

PrimeOne also gets gamers paid for loving to game. Learn about it HERE.

The future is now. PrimeOne is leading the way. See what it’s about by clicking HERE.

How it all ties up

PrimeOne apps are allowing people the ability to control and manage everything at their fingertips. Now, people can always stay connected, whereas before the world was somewhat divided, demographically and otherwise. It’s all part of our Performance Giving Network program, or PGN. We’re taking steps to limit the ways poverty prevents people from getting ahead in life. Read more about it HERE, and learn how you can become part of what we’re doing by going HERE.

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TV can be enjoyed free from paying cable.

It goes without saying that free television is better than paying for it monthly. Not only will you be able to watch what you want, when you want to. You’ll get paid as you let others in on this very 21st century way of entertainment. Plus, you’ll control how you want to watch TV. You won’t have to sit through endless commercials that interrupt your programming. On the whole, PrimeOne TV offers free television and payment for enjoying what you do.

Don’t waste a minute more. Go over to PrimeOne TV and start streaming what you want for FREE by clicking HERE. Cheers!

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