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If you haven’t heard of the Performance Giving Network, then this is for you. Like some of the offers featured here on Shër’s, it was probably never told you or shown you. The Performance Giving Network or PGN is a philanthropic effort put forward by over 80 corporations and several independent businesses. They came together to enable people who don’t have the financial advantage easy access to money making opportunities. The PGN creates an environment that includes everyone and raises the standards.

The Point of the Performance Giving Network

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By creating the means for people to benefit, even a little, will the ultimate goal of bringing poverty down to nearly non-existent be possible. In the end, it’s our long term goal. The short term goal, on the other hand, is helping people make money in fun, creative and innovative ways. In addition, people are helping create a modern world that allows people to connect, share, and help one another. As you’ve probably understood, with some of the offers you’ve seen on this website, the advantages all of our affiliates share is helping people.

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Going UP By Coming IN the PGN

That’s the main objective: helping people. Whether it’s to make money or bring them together. Even more, this Network is designed to bring people UP. Referral programs, for instance, bring people IN. Then, after new people come in, those who have introduced them go UP. Likewise, the people that come behind them do the same. Thus, as more individuals enter these opportunities, they also rise in status, or income, or their ability to welcome more people.

Becoming Part of the Performance Giving Network

Performance Giving Network

Now, if you’re not so inclined to want to bring others in, or rise in status, that may change. Though the PGN society is not about making people uniform, it is about sharing the wealth. Because realistically, that is the direction the world is going. You don’t have to be alike to win alike. But what the platforms that are presented in the Performance Giving Network bring is a chance to earn money for those who do not normally have access or the resources to do so. In addition, you become part of a community, which will assist in helping you grow in more ways than one.

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Some Methods of the PGN Mission

Though you’ll get better information by going to their respective pages, some of the ways people can be part of the Performance Giving Network is by signing up for the following:

TippingCircle: Tipping Circle is geared to help people spread the wealth and give to charity without it costing them one red penny. Find out more by going HERE.

Paid to Chat: Easy to use, secure way to talk and text with a twist. Read about it HERE.

Paid to Game: Gaming just got better. Learn to play for more wins than you can imagine.

Paid to Watch TV: Watch TV, or stream, to your heart’s pleasure for FREE here!

PrimeOneCity: This brings it all together, and more. Find out by clicking here.

Other Great Finds You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

On top of free deals, we offer discounts. PGN keeps people in mind, and not everyone is making a lot of money. Especially now, with the pandemic continuing to affect our everyday lives. Hence, we’re sensitive to the needs of those we serve. As most people are saving more, and earning less, we strive to still bring great deals and offers that won’t cost much. Also, we bring you variety. Who says you can’t have that even if you’re not spending a fortune?

Indeed, variety is big when it comes to the Performance Giving Network. Aside from the opportunities presented above, you will know and become part of the corporations and independent businesses that share in making PGN possible. Take for instance, Blogging with Rory. Working for Self is guaranteed fun and rewarding when you learn to be your own boss. In addition, when you enter our Health & Fitness pages, you discover a world of innovative thinking far seeing visionaries had when they created health products.

See some of the great finds we have here, just for you. Great finds you probably won’t get anywhere else.

Happy browsing.

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