Paid to Game with CSPN

Get paid to game with CSPN. Literally!

If you’ve read our All Things Arts and Entertainment page, then you already know several ways to make money doing what you enjoy. Along with getting paid to chat, you get paid to game. Under CSPN, esports and cryptocurrentcy come together to help gamers earn points that will turn into cash. You don’t have to be a pro. In fact, the creators of Crypto Sports Network want to bridge gamers of every skill to play and get paid.  

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Get Paid to Game with CSPN

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CSPN found a way to link gaming with bitcoin. In particular, its founders intended gamers to connect socially and earn prizes. For instance, players can win software or hardware, in addition to cash. Gamers can also join tournaments, start fan bases, and stay current on esports news. Furthermore, players can compete, build their skills and expand their networking. In any case, CSPN provides an environment that is safe, friendly and encourages growth.

CSPN rewards gamers who provide more gamers  

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Earning points that turn to crypto is one way CSPN helps gamers fatten their pockets. Additionally, gamers can build a pyramid that consists of gamers who, under you, will earn you commission. In what’s called the 3 tier referral system, players who refer more players will only benefit as more gamers are let in the triangle. For every game, contest, tournament or match a referred player wins, you at the top will earn also.

Tell me more…

Along with developing a platform for blockchain crypto, CSPN created a “ladder system.” This system allows players to advance in their gaming and social skills. These “ladders” exist in every game, however, CSPN will create a ladder if a game doesn’t have one. You can wager with CSPN coins matches they’ll cover from start to finish.

Not only that, you’ll be able to show off games you’ve won on your profile. Players can exchange opinions and info on CSPN’s public chat rooms. Moreover, they’ll have “web wallets” which will hold their crypto from game winnings. If players choose, they can download CSPN’s web wallets to their desktops for easy access.

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Games For All Players

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The CSPN app has a neat lay out, where players can know the next scheduled tournaments and contests. Gamers can also learn the rules to each game. Speaking of which, there are many types of games. Players can play bowling, pool and basketball, or segue to Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty. Games you don’t see are added later. Indeed, updates happen frequently. CSPN adds games as new ones come along. Simply put, gamers will find what they like and earn cash playing.

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Get Paid to Game with CSPN and Gain Plenty!

If you don’t get it, let’s sum it up: first, you join by going here. Then you play and earn points. Next, you earn cash. Lastly, you gain experience and plenty friends and followers. So, if you like to:

  1. Play Games
  2. Earn Crypto (that becomes cash)
  3. Earn Commision (for every referred player)
  4. Gain Experience
  5. Broaden Your Social Circle
  6. Have Fun!

You can’t lose by signing up for CSPN. Essentially, you’d be winning in every way possible. Of equal importance, you’d be contributing to our Performance Giving Network, or PGN. Basically, this program is designed to fight poverty in small ways that add up. You being part would benefit not just yourself, but others. Check out our PGN page by going HERE. Or, you can go here which also provides info.

Where else can I earn cash?

In sum, getting paid to game is only one way to get paid. Take for instance this: HERE you earn points / cash for watching TV. While HERE you get paid to “chat.” Or, when you join Tipping Circle you’ll build your social network and fatten your wallets.

Enjoy earning, and don’t forget to improve your health by going HERE.

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