Natural Hair Care Tools

Like everything else on the body, hair needs care. Too often, though, people don’t care for it the right way. Ladies, it’s like your bra – you need what fits you. So it goes for hair care products. Though we see plenty commercials advertising this or that, it’s important you know your hair type. Here, we have a natural hair care tool that everyone can use.   

Bringing Joi To Natural Hair Care

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One of the hair care products we think sticks out is Joiful Bee. Started by Joi Wade in February of 2020, this hair product sought to address the feeling women sometimes have when it comes to washing their hair. To be blunt, sometimes it’s laborious, especially for hair types that are “defiant.” Instead of dreading the necessary care it needs, Joiful Bee makes it fun. Its kit and tutorials are designed to make it healthy and make it grow.

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What is “Natural Hair” Care?

There’s a saying that if the shoe fits, wear it. Makes sense, right? Well, the same can be said about your hair care products. Except, not many of them “fit.” At least, not for every woman. They’re said to be full of nutrients (and chemicals) that are designed to make hair shine, curl and bounce. But, they don’t always do that. Indeed, everyone’s hair type is not the same. One size doesn’t fit all. So, knowing your hair type will benefit you greatly.

You can thank your genetics for why your hair is the way it is. No need to hate what was passed down. Does a tree hate its roots? Unsurprisingly, hair has a chart. Because diversity is inevitable, it shouldn’t be resented or misunderstood. Hair, like eyes and the color of one’s skin, tells on the family. It shows your history, reflects your health, and can even affect your mood. Simply put, hair is an expression of you. Know about it.

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Four Types of Hair

Hair can be curly, straight and everything in between. Consequently, those in hair care will go by a chart to create what best brings out from a particular hair type its best features. Understanding what type you have requires a frank analysis of what you see, feel and go through as you take care of it. Notably, hair is described as “straight”, “wavy”, “curly” and “kinky”, like cloth. It’s describing texture, similar to how we describe “silk” vs. “cotton.”

Type 1: “Straight” Hair

This hair texture tends to fall down without bending. Though, there are variations to this hair type, generally, it has little to no curves. Depending on the weather, sometimes it will “fizz.” Curling it can be achieved, however, curls don’t necessarily stay.

Type 2: “Wavy” Hair

Hair in this category is generally wavy. Meaning, the strands fall with some curves. The curling doesn’t start at the root. Also, the frequency of it will vary. However, the more waves your hair has, the thicker it will feel. Likewise, the length can change. When straightened, it will appear longer.

Type 3 – “Curly” Hair

Curls are more prominent for this hair type. Usually, the curls are big and bouncy. Like the other preceding hair types, this textured hair is soft. Although, it can easily turn “coarse.” That is to say, this hair can be slightly tougher and more resilient.

Type 4 – “Very Curly” Hair

“Coarse” or “kinky”, this hair is very curly. Sometimes, the curls are tight. So much so, it’s hard to manage. People with this textured hair may braid it, perm it or cut it. Others will turn it to “locks.” Still, others just wear it naturally. This kind of hair is flexible.

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Being Joiful in Natural Hair Care

Natural Hair Care Tools: Joiful Bee products on yellow background

Nevertheless, all four hair types require specific care. What brings them all together is that all can be styled to look like one another. Additionally, they all need soap and water. Where they differ is how you care for your hair. How frequently should you wash it, what type of “soap” should you use and what combs and brushes can make it do as you want.

Natural Hair Care Tools: Joiful Bee products on yellow background

Joiful Bee is geared towards “natural” hair. Despite this, everyone is welcome to use it. Joi Wade created a kit and tutorial that encourages hair care and control. Her kit, in particular, comes with 5 basic things: shampoo brush, cap, detangling brush, towel and spray bottle. But each are designed to address stages in your hair washing.

The Right Tools For Natural Hair Care

Now, the tools provided in Joiful Bee are not that simple. Take the Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush. This is to be used on the scalp when applying your shampoo; its bristles will push the shampoo in for a deep clean. After using conditioner, you’ll wear the Microwaveable Deep Condition Cap to achieve the heating you get at hair salons.

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The Detangling Brush tackles stubborn curls without breaking them. Indeed, this brush twists and bends. And there’s a technique, provided here, that tutors how best to use it. Like the brush, the Microfiber Towel Turban prevents hair breakage. This soft fabric comes with a button to snap the towel in place. Unlike other towels, this won’t tug on your hair and create rough ends that stunt growth.

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When done washing, spray your hair with Joi’s Continuous Spray Bottle. This moisturizes hair evenly so no area lacks in hydration. That is, after all, the key to hair growth. You can spray day and night, and reuse with your choice oil mixed in water. With all these tools, hair day will be therapeutic. And your hair, feeling loved, will definitely start to grow.

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