Mobile Vital Monitoring Device

Technology proves once again that nothing is off limits. Now, a visit to the doctor is becoming less of a need and more of an option with the Mobile Vital Monitoring Device. Small enough to slip onto your phone, and capable of measuring up to eight or more vitals in real time, this cutting edge tool can keep its users up to date on their health and where it’s going.

Mobile Vital Monitoring Device: What It Measures

Among many vitals this device can monitor, including your sleep patterns and stress index, Vmed can track the following (see the video to understand how to use the two “disc” like features shown on the back of this phone image):

mobile vital monitoring device

  • HR Variability (HRV)
  • Blood Oxygen (Sp02)
  • Temperature
  • Electro Cardio Gram (ECG/EKG)
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Breathing Rate (BR)
  • BR Variability (BRV)

Complete with thermometer, Vmed has the ability to report data and chart it. Quite possibly, you may never need to run to your doctor for every health issue, because this device does the work for them and saves you a trip. Also good to know, Vmed can monitor the health of more than one user once programed accordingly, and can perform its tasks right on your cell phone.

Why We Have The Mobile Monitoring Device

As you’ll hear on the video presentation (below), the app that makes all of this accessible comes free for apple and android phones. Once you register by entering your information and giving it your weight, height and age (no approximations if you want the app to give you spot on feedback), you’ll connect the app to your phone and can start using it right away.

The Founders of VMedical were inspired to create this app due to the pandemic. As was explored in other pages, COVID caused people from all over the world to practice social distancing which in turn meant to mostly “stay home.” Vmed came out of a need for patients who could not just visit their doctor to self-check their own health and manage it as best they can (given the circumstances).

Apt for Use, Smart to Use

Naturally health was affected by a widespread shut down, and one’s invisible health cannot be seen. Likewise, it can’t be easily kept under control (such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, etc.). Knowing that most people have smart phones whereby most if not all business is now handled at one’s fingertips, the makers of Vmed determined to create something both groundbreaking and fitting for the times. Hence, an app everyone can use and get for free.

This App is for Everyone, and Easy for the Elderly

Of course, exercise is still a sure way to maintain health, as is drinking enough water to stay hydrated. In the same vein, changing one’s diet so much needed nutrients are consumed benefits your body greatly. But when some can’t go jogging around the neighborhood, or do push-ups, or refrain for so many hours from eating to get a desired build, the Vmed app is a great way to manage what’s inside. It will let you know if you’re at least going in the right direction.

Mobile vital monitoring deviceAnd your Doctor:

Not that people shouldn’t ever go to their doctor. Quite the contrary; by monitoring your own health would you be doing yourself and your doctor a favor. In fact, consulting with your doctor periodically based on your findings from the app could better serve you both: your doctor can assess if what you’re doing is on point, or grossly off. Also, a second pair of eyes (in this case professional ones) is preferable when it comes to assessing your chart and helping you choose what path you should take to improve it. If the app was first given incorrect information, then it won’t help you with correct info further along.

Simply put, it’s best to start the process of self monitoring with your provider so the hardest part to getting you started is truly out the way; monitoring your vitals should be easy going afterwards. Remember at the top it was said multiple users could be set up on this app? Well, each user will have their own interface account. Even so, a user may mix their data with that of a family member. Advice on how best to use the app is provided in the user guide that comes with the app. There is no doubt, however, that an app like this is useful and helpful.

Interested in getting this convenient and easy to use tech for the new age? Find out HERE.

Here are some phones the app is compatible with. For more info check here.

Order Yours Today and Stay Healthy!

mobile vital monitoring device

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Know someone who could benefit from this type o technology? Refer them to this page and to the links like this one for how to go about getting it. The creators of this app had people like them in mind when they launched this device. You’d do your loved ones a great service by at least discussing it with them and with their doctor. Happy clicking and while you’re at it, check out this page if you haven’t already.

But before you go, see the video below for how to measure your vitals (on an android):

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