Make Money with Link Post Blogging

Making money online is a reality. And it can be your reality. Don’t limit yourself, nor doubt what you can do. All of us have been there. Shër’s did not exist prior to 2021. Yet, it’s flourishing and expanding in more ways than one, thanks to people like Rory Riccord who makes link-post blogging fun and unique. Indeed, he shows how you can make money with link post blogging as a smart career move, and a legacy you can build forever.

What Is Link-Post Blogging?

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Put simply, it’s writing content and posting a link. The links connect to “anchors” which function as “kiosks” and “stores.” If you’ve ever been in a mall, you will have noticed both the kiosks and stores, the one sitting between the other. When you post a link, you are marketing. This is e-marketing, essentially, and your overall career would be e-business.

Because you are marketing online, there is no limit to what you can market and how much you can market. As we increase our internet dependability, products sold online grows in demand. With link-post blogging, you help sell and advertise products that reach far more people. Not only that, you market what stores can’t sell, such as software. Apps are current and as they’re downloaded, marketing them online makes more sense.

You could earn $25 per click. Learn more by watching the below vid.

Make Money Link Post Blogging

Make Money with Link Post Blogging

Shër’s got started thanks to Rory Riccord. If you don’t know who he is, you could learn about him here and in the video below. His career started years ago, when internet was still in its infancy. But Rory had a vision and knew he could market online, though people in the early 90’s were not yet doing that. And he developed a system that is fail-proof. Not only that, he shared his talent and gifts with others, creating what is called RRR247.

It stands for Re-Set, Re-Focus and Re-Commit. Rory through his instructors walk you every step of the way to success. They help you leave the 9 – 5 slave mindset behind and guide you in becoming your own boss. You learn how to e-market with people for people. Indeed, with Rory humanity is put first. Thus, what you sell are helpful, useful and tried by the bloggers before they’re put to the public.

You’re not a dollar sign. Here, you’re a partner. With Shër’s, you’re family.

Make Money Your Way

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Now, we know becoming a blogger is daunting for those who don’t write. We get it. Some of those who partnered with Rory didn’t start off as writers either. But writing is not hard. In fact, it’s easy. One way to get the words flowing is to speak out loud, then record what you heard. When it comes to marketing, speak as if you’re trying to get your friend or family member interested in something because it’s just that good.

Likewise, we know not everyone can just walk away from their jobs. That would be unrealistic, not to mention selfish of us to tell you to do so. If you can’t just quit, don’t. With link-post blogging, you have the flexibility to grow at the pace you want. It takes time to become your own boss. In addition, it takes time to grow something that is yours and you have to promote it. But don’t miss out on an opportunity to become your own boss.

Freedom Is At Your Fingertips

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You see the picture at your right? Now, see yourself walking down that path. It’s new, a little scary. There’s that saying that you can’t see the forest for the trees. But, there’s sunshine, and peeks of it is shining through as you walk. The online world is that forest, and the trees are at times “bumps in the road” and “buffers.”

The internet is vast and sometimes intimidating. If you’re wary of it, don’t be. People control it, which means you control your part in it. It has endless potential. You, on this road, have endless potential, too. Walking this path, at the pace you choose, you control where it leads. Likewise, you control your career. Doesn’t that sound good?

Work the hours you want.

Make the money you want.

Get member only perks.

Access the best for less.

You’ll love what you do! And you’ll be helped every step of the way. Watch the video for more info. You’ll see.

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