Karaoke that Makes you Sound Amazing

Karaoke that Makes you Sound Amazing. If you like singing, having an audience and playing around – or singing for real – then you’ll enjoy Singtrix. You can now have all the perks that come with Karaoke machines normally found in bars and clubs.

Don’t waste money on poor substitutes that make you sound worse. If you want Karaoke that makes you sound amazing, then get this. You’ll love what you hear, and others will, too.

Fine Tuning Sharks and Getting Noticed

Singtrix set in full

Founders John Devecka and Eric Berkowitz showed up in 2014 on season six of Shark Tank to promote their new karaoke machine. Unfortunately, the sharks weren’t sold on their invention. Still, this got them notice on other shows like The View, Ellen and The Today Show. Thus, people were again introduced to Singtrix’s special affects and capabilities. As the pandemic forced people to stay home, this karaoke machine shot up in sales. It’s a great thing to have when you want to have parties, weddings or just pick up the mood.

Want to sound amazing? Get Singtrix and have fun discovering talent you didn’t think you had.

A Karaoke Machine The Makes You Sound Amazing – Unlike Any Other

Family on Karaoke night

The Singtrix karaoke machine was developed with Guitar Hero creators Charles and Kai Huang. As a result, all four innovators made a new quality sound system that serious musicians and kids can enjoy. What’s appealing about Singtrix is that, unlike other karaoke machines, this one uses built in studio effects Rolling Stone gave it an award for. Naturally, no other karaoke machine comes close.

In fact, it’s the world’s first “plug-and-play” karaoke machine. Not only that, it’s very easy to use and set up. Singtrix comes with an amplifier, panel, mike stand, speaker and one wired mic. It also has sheet music for you to practice your vocal skills, and over 375 sound affects and pre-sets for songs, like “Crazy Duets.” It’s so good the Kardashians use it, and they have musicians in the family. It goes without saying, Singtrix can’t be beat.

A Karaoke Machine that makes you sound amazing? I’m in! Let me get it.

Singtrix Karaoke Machine Offers More For Your Buck

Plug your headphones into any device or computer to start singing. Singtrix allows you to stream music so you’ll sing to clear, easy-on-the-ear sounds. No doubt, this system improves your singing because it tunes your voice to its built in vocal effects. Yet, it doesn’t change your voice; it trains it. As you harmonize with thousands of free tracks – from YouTube or your own collection – you’ll have longer sessions. Singtrix reduces strain on your chords. In fact, it provides feedback that guides you to get it right.

Other karaoke machines fail. Most are cheap, carry poorly executed special effects and break easily. If they’re not loud, then their mic and speakers lack in quality. In the end, you’re paying a lot but getting little. With Singtrix, you get pitch correction and professional studio effects. On top of plugging into your PC or mobile device, you can even use real instruments. Moreover, you can use any mic. Singtrix is convenient and adaptable.

Stream music, get over 300 effects and have longer sessions that improve your singing by getting Singtrix, the karaoke machine that makes you sound amazing. Get it today!

Enjoy Partying With A Karaoke Machine That Makes You Sound Amazing

And get more out of what you pay for. From real studio effects to a better experience with something fun that improves your abilities. Get Singtrix and be amazed with the first ever karaoke machine that makes you sound amazing.

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