Learn A New Language At Home

Anyone remembers Rosetta Stone? That was the number go-to for learning a new language. Well, whether it’s effective or not, that doesn’t matter. We have a fun and more interactive way you could learn to speak another language. Given the times, it’s unlikely you’ll travel to a place to speak like the locals. Still, we want you to thrive in your pursuit of learning a new language. Here, at Shër’s, you can. Because we offer a new way on how to learn a new language at home.

Stream-watch and stop content anytime. See whatever in any order you choose. Get ready to be entertained and learn 6 new languages like never before!

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Learn A New Language At Home

Learn A New Language At Home: Lingopie

Lingo Pie uses TV to help you broaden your horizons. Yup – you heard that right. To be fluent in Spanish, French, Russian, German, Portuguese or Italian, Lingo Pie gives you access to over 1000 hours of national and international TV shows, travelogues, comedies, cartoons, news and dramas. If you sign up, you immediately start a free 7 day trial. Afterwards, you get a 55% discount of the original price. New shows are added monthly. Not only that, learning comes at all levels, so those who are beginners to well advanced speakers can enjoy interesting content from around the world.

Lingo Pie is proven great and effective. They were mentioned in several magazines and travel guides such as Forbes, Variety, Frommers and Bezinga. You’ll learn words to whole phrases. And within four weeks tops, you will see a difference in your abilities. By using something that engages the viewer while peaking their curiosity, learning a language is no longer class-like. Also, it’s not an impossibility. Already, over 400,000 users have benefited from Lingo Pie’s unique way of helping you learn a new language. But if you don’t think this is for you, then cancel anytime. We doubt you’ll want to.

Want to learn French by watching French TV? Do it with Lingo Pie!

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A Lesson In Lingua By Stream-Watching

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Designed for your convenience, you can watch a program on your TV, phone or tablet. Lingo Pie promises that after 4 episodes of a series, you will notice an improvement in your speaking abilities. So far, you’ll have access to 6 languages. If that doesn’t grab you, maybe this will. In addition to the other apps we’ve introduced you to that PAY YOU for using them and sharing them with others, Lingo Pie will do the same. Want to get paid? Well, promote Lingo Pie to people you know and you could earn cash.

However, to be fair, you can’t download the Lingo Pie app in the app store: you have to deal with them directly. Likewise, you won’t know the price you pay after your 7 day free trial till after you enter your email and credit card info. In fact, your trial won’t start until you’ve properly registered. Not to say you shouldn’t give Lingo Pie a try. It is still a great and attractive tool for learning a new language. And it’s fun and engaging.

Get Lingo Pie and be an armchair traveler for the holidays!

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