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Playing sports is healthy for your mind and body. Not only does it keep your brain functioning, in that it coordinates with your body to help it move and achieve its goals. But playing sports also helps you stay active, keeping your body moving, which is great for blood flow and elasticity of muscles. Staying flexible and agile likewise improves your mood and confidence. However, playing smartly is key. So, here are three helpful tips on how to play smart and safely.

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Helpful Tips: Know About The Game

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This is actually not a “duh” topic. Knowing a game is not just knowing the rules. You know a game by knowing all that could go wrong. Your body is the first and last “sport” you’ll ever play. Indeed, it’s the only “sport” you have full control of, with no competition and no chance to fail. So, know your limits. Likewise, know what you are willing to do to achieve the goals that will be set for the game of your choice. In the end, this means informing yourself. What should you expect and how far are you willing to push yourself to achieve your goals, whether yours or someone else’?

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Helpful Tips: Make Mistakes

This is not to say go ahead and lose. But, believe it or not, people learn more when they make mistakes than when they strive to be right. Remember how it felt when you fumbled on something, or said something wrong? Though it may have been unpleasant, your “shame”, “forgetfulness” or “moment” stays with you. The reason why is because you spend more time “reliving it” in your brain than you do your victories. Training yourself to accept how flawed you are helps you become less flawed in the areas you’re lacking. Being patient with your “imperfections” helps you sort out what you’re great at and what needs your greatest attention.

Slowing down so your brain can clear is best when needing to move forward. See how this really helps your brain and body.  

Helpful Tips: Stay On Course

To be your best, stay on course. Others who don’t see your goals don’t have to. The goals you set are just for you. And the simplest way to achieve them is by giving yourself a chance. Although it will be hard to do during the times you “flub” now and then, your mistakes are just post-it notes of what to pay attention to. The sport you’re playing every day is your Self: your body, your brain, your confidence, your mood, your habits, etc. By controlling your Self, you’ve already won.

Sporting this way is also fun and has its rewards. See what this is and happy gaming!

Play For Your Life, Not With It

More helpful tips are on the way. Be sure to browse our pages often. We update all the time. But take this with you the next time you want to “sport”: know your “game”, learn from your “mistakes” and stay the course—first with yourself.

Happy shopping, and good health to all! Cheers.  

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