Healthy Alternatives To Coffee

Coffee is actually healthy to drink. When consumed moderately, coffee boosts energy, enhances performance, and can even help burn fat. Indeed, coffee contains several B vitamins, including B2, B3 and B5, not to mention Manganese and Potassium. To top that, studies show coffee can lower type 2 Diabetes and prevent Alzheimer’s. However, coffee is not for everyone. So, what are the healthy alternatives to coffee?

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Some Healthy Alternatives to Coffee

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Well, for starters, you want to seek something that boosts energy. After all, you are starting your day. If you’ve been to our Health and Fitness pages, you would have read about some of the products we offer. Take for instance Brän. Essentially, this is brain food – hence the name “Brän.”

Healthy Alternatives To Coffee: Velovita's Brän.

And Brän comes in six flavors. You’ve read about caramel macchiato, lemon, and chocolate sea salt. Also pumpkin, chocolate mint and chocolate strawberry. The makers of Brän are planning on adding more flavors. Even so, Brän is a great substitute for waking up fresh and ready to go. Indeed, you’ll stay energetic throughout the day.

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Health Takes a Twist… At Night

Healthy Alternatives to Coffee: Velovita's Zlēm.

Aside from Brän, we have ­Zlēm (pronounced “Zleem”). This supplement works on you at night. In fact, while you sleep. But it leaves you feeling ready to take on the day. And as a bonus, it helps you lose weight. Knowing how many pounds we’ve put on since the start of the pandemic), Zlēm could really come in handy.

Let’s say you work hard all day (some people do). You probably would put off working out (unless you make it fun). But if you’re too bone tired to want to move (and those days do happen), you could use Zlēm. Your body will feel ready for anything. More than that, you’ll see yourself getting fit, which, of course, helps your overall productivity.

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Turn Back Those Hands of Time with Uüth

Healthy Alternatives to Coffee: Velovita's Uüth.

Brain food definitely fosters brain performance. Getting your body into shape helps elasticity and confidence to do anything. But imagine turning back the clock and feeling young again. Well, you may not be able to go back in time, but you can certainly get back what you lost. How? Well, try changing how you think. Next, change your food habits. Third, stick to what works. These three are achievable: mind over matter.

But Uüth (pronounced “Youth”) is another way. In fact, compared to coffee, it has even more benefits (separately and together). Read all about it here, and get back what you lost. Opportunity awaits, but everything that is destined first starts with you.

Are you ready?

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