Great For The Holidays

We all need something Great for the Holidays. Needless to say, being festive is hard when you’re busy trying to get gifts for as many people as you know. Since the holidays come around like clockwork, you feel you never have enough time to get everything. Well, as always Shër’s got you covered. From colorful additions to your makeup kit, to fantastic gifts for everyday use everyone can benefit from, here are some things that are Great for the Holidays.

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Great For The Holidays: Kosmetics For Krumpus

Great for the Holidays: Curst Kosmetics makeup samples

We first mentioned Curst Kosmetics in one of All Things Beauty pages, provided here. Not only does Madam Mariel have great discounts for Halloween, she has them for old Krumpus, too! In fact, we get the feeling Madam has a lot of fun creating newer and more eye-catching cosmetics.

However, for all her creativity, she also maintains a high health standard for her products. Thus, her users are not only treated to fun makeup to get lost in: they don’t have to worry about damaging their skin. Check out what cool cosmetics our Madam has for your Holiday season.

Whether Halloween, X-mas or New Years – Curst Kosmetics will keep you looking festive all year

Sporty This Season

KadyLuxe new clothing samples

KadyLuxe is still providing some fashionable and sporty apparel for girls and women everywhere of all sizes. No matter the weather, you’ll find just the right thing. Aside from comfort and support, you have style, flexibility and a sexiness that is unique and fierce.

Of course, KadyLuxe is reasonable. Additionally, women of all ages are welcome to sport the types of clothing this brand brings. So, don’t hesitate to gift a sweatshirt, sports bra, jacket or jogging pants to someone for the holidays. For sure, everything here is sure to empower her.

Work up a sweat in comfy KadyLuxe gear this winter, or gift these great clothes to power her up

Great For The Holidays: Get More Than Wine Openers

Great for the Holidays: new finds from Corkspin

It isn’t just wine openers CorkSpin is shipping to their customers. Though this is pleasing enough for your wine sippers out there, our partners have other things for you, too. Indeed, how does jewelry sound? Or, toys for the kids? Now, this company just began, but already they’re out doing themselves.

If they’re not trying to be an Everything Store of a sort, then they’re coming close. And we commend them. In addition to the jewelry being inexpensive but of fine quality, they have some cool and smart gadgets everyone can enjoy. Life just got more convenient. Indeed, you’ll see when you click the link. 

Wine openers, toys and other trinkets are perfect gift ideas, and available here at CorkSpin

Great For The Holidays: Some New Editions

multiple images in collage of van and battery

Power through the holidays with a trip in your van and a battery that won’t cause you bumps in the road. Unlike other batteries, the Lithium battery AmeriAmp is selling tops them all. Not only will you get a 10 year warranty, if it’s not for you return it in 45 days.

However, these batteries are guaranteed to make your journeys last. Aside from being high quality, they charge quicker. Given that these items are expensive, no matter who is selling them, here you have a discount. This is hard to pass up – see for yourself!

Get your van ready and go, go, go with AmeriAmp!

Raw Grip

Great for the Holidays: Two types of Raw Grip Liquid Chalk

People who frequent gyms or go rock climbing know how valuable this product is. However, anyone can use this. It helps you have a better grip so your hands are not slippery as you lift weights, rope, arm wrestle, or do other gymnastics.

If that’s not your thing, this is still a great gift for the outdoorsy type. Thus, Raw Grip Liquid Chalk ensures a user’s hands have a firm grip in anything. What’s more, it’s antibacterial. Plus, your skin won’t dry. Aside from an easy rinse, it’s easy to apply it and dries quickly. Not only that, people won’t have to breathe dust when they clap hands. See for yourself why this is great for the holidays.

Reach new heights with a firmer grasp and keep the germs at bay with Raw Grip Liquid Chalk

Clark’s American Hand Balm

Great for the Holidays: some ingredients that go into Clark's American Hand Balm

Skin care is necessary the Fall and Winter. Naturally, this gift is a must. Whether male or female, young or old, taking care of our skin makes sense. Indeed, it’s part of overall body health. However, choosing the products that guarantees good skin must have the ingredients to make that happen.

Hence, Clark’s American Hand Balm uses natural elements such as shea and cocoa butters, aloe extracts and various oils from coconut, olives, avocado and peppermint. Soothe your skin this holiday season so you can better enjoy your Fine Wines Delivered to Your Door. Plus, they have balm for Fido’s paws.

The weather may be brittle, but not your hands. Keep them soft and healthy this holiday with Clark’s American Hand Balm

More Great Finds For The Holidays

Shër’s will never run out of ideas. In fact, great ideas are what we’re about, and bringing them to you is why we’re here. From great clothes to wonderful beauty products, gifting them all will be a thrill. Whether you’re buying something for the boys or men in your life, or you need something everyone can enjoy – we’ve got it! Be sure to keep coming back to see what else we have in store.

And Happy Browsing, all!

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