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In a world segueing into blockchain technology, people earn crypto, share wallets, connect internationally and conduct business via the internet. It goes without saying that traveling, too, requires an upgrade. Already, there exists decentralized travel. Basically, this is traveling without a middle man. Travel agencies are required for you to book your flights, hotel rooms and rental cars with whatever the agencies offer. Decentralized travel changes all that.

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Blockchain On The Go

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Before there was internet, one needed a travel agent. Most of us, however, are used to booking flights and hotel rooms via the computer. So, we’ll visit websites like Expedia, Priceline, TripSavvy and Skyscanner. They have their perks, but also their disadvantages. Travelers have to shop around to find the best flights and best hotels to make the most of their trips. On top of that, you could spend hundreds of dollars just setting up everything; never mind, you haven’t even gone to the place you’re planning to shop and dine in. Whether vacationing, or going away to handle business, traveling is just too expensive.

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With decentralized travel, blockchain innovation reduces the headaches one gets when trying to maneuver the system of travel agencies. In fact, with blockchain not only will it cost you less, you won’t face technical errors, identity theft, over bookings and delays. Administrative issues are eliminated because information is precise. The needs of the traveler are foremost, even anticipated, and therefore catered due to AI technology. This new pathway to traveling is being paved by Xceltrip, the future of getting on the go with less hassle and more bang for your “buck.”

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Decentralized Travel for The Ultimate Travel Experience

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Future travel through blockchain technology will cost you less trouble, less worries and less money. With the Xceltrip app, you have access to over 2 million hotels and up to 500 flights for thousands of destinations around the world. Whether using cryptocurrency, or your credit card, you’ll be eligible for “Holiday packages” and a better experience. Xceltrip’s customer support is even available 24/7.

In addition, you can book your trips in three languages (English, Chinese and Korean). Better still, Xceltrip offers you a chance to become a marketing partner. In particular, you’ll become an Independent Marketing Partner, or IMP, who will help connect vendors to Xceltrip to expand the possibility of better, cheaper traveling for the future. The goal of Xceltrip’s founder, Gyanendra Khadka, is to connect travelers without needing the billion dollar agencies that monopolize and limit every aspect of our “getting away.”

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Why Decentralized Travel?

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Well, to be blunt, it will become easier and preferable in a world that is increasingly using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. In essence, money as we now know it will become extinct. Unlike internet-based currency, paper and coins fluctuate in value, so inflation is inevitable. Also, they’re subject to fraud. To understand what is blockchain innovation click the link provided. For more information on cryptocurrency, see our Smart Miner in Free Bitcoin and Stakebase Cryptocurrency pages. We’ve come quite far in how much we can do with computers & internet; blockchain technology is yet another step in improving both.

Xceltrip is eco-friendly, current, forward thinking and introducing people to a decentralized way to get around. It’s part of XcelLab, a company that involves several platforms geared to make blockchain technology a proponent of living and functioning in an eco-safe environment. Xceltrip eliminates unnecessary technical and human errors. As a result, there is less room for complications and illegal activity. This is because blockchain keeps track of all transactions being done on it. Indeed, it will revolutionize the way we travel and further connect a seamless world where people travel, work and even play safely. Xceltrip’s travelutionary approach is one more way blockchain technology will change the future of how we live.  

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Blockchain Technology In Building Business

Like everything else that’s blockchain oriented (Xceltrip, Roboform, Computta and Vyapay, to name a few), Suforia connects people to brands without using a middle man. Indeed, their mission is to connect people to other people and businesses with very few bots. Instead, their infrastructure is centered on “influencer filters.” These are individuals that get to know your “analytics” which ensures you are better connected to brands, businesses and people that are especially helpful to you.

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Decentralized Approach to Starting Careers

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Using AI technology, Suforia will not only target your audience but attract them to your brand or business. They also organize events. In fact, they’ll assist you in every aspect of getting your business up and running. Suforia does promotion, ticket scanning, trip planning and sponsorships. What’s more, by joining Suforia and putting them on the map, you get benefits Suforia offers their members. This includes retail discounts, travel rates for friends and family, and great collaborative projects with other brands and businesses. All this, of course, will provide growth, exposure and shared perks that is sure to give your business success.

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