Curst Kosmetics

Lipstick that sticks up to 11 hours on a given day, and it comes in 15 shades. Eye shadow that sparkles in the sunlight, 12 shades and growing. Lashes that curl and extend and devastate as you blink. Sounds like magic, right? No, it’s Curst Kosmetics. Who says you can’t have fun with beauty and explore the many variations a little color can do?

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How Curst Kosmetics Began

Curst cosmetics three lipsticks next to spell book

It was started by Mariel Pabst, a professional paranormal investigator and ghost hunter whose series “Ghost Vlogs” is seen on Amazon Prime, Vidi Space and YouTube. As a result, Pabst created her own makeup collection due to an experience while filming the episode “Needful Things.” Because she was compelled to reapply lipstick during a scene, it dawned on her that longer lasting lipstick is needed during tough situations.

Curst Kosmetics Lasts as You Work

Madam Mariel, creator

Hence, Mariel went about creating makeup that lasts as you do whatever. Whether it’s ghost hunting or toughing out other hurdles, you will still look your best. Mariel established her makeup line in 2018. Since then, her products, which grew in creativity, are selling fast. No doubt, it’s because they work. Though her cosmetics bedazzle the eye, her products are vegan and don’t harm the owner. Indeed, it’s well-known makeup will age you. Yet, Curst Kosmetics won’t dry you out or cause unwanted wrinkles.

What’s more, “Madam,” as Mariel is now called, donates 10 percent of orders to women who are victims of domestic abuse. Thus, your purchase helps women who may have used makeup to disguise the colors they don’t want to show.

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Fun With Your Curst Kosmetics

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Halloween allows people to indulge their darker sides, and makeup can take it to the next level. Curst Kosmetics has all the ingredients for a wild side you can show and amaze. Add some color to your lips and some spark to make them shimmer. Turn your eye shadow rainbow colors that can brighten a room!

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Discounts For Spooky Consumers

Ultimately, Curst Kosmetics are reasonably priced. However, if for some reason you’re unsatisfied, then you’ll get a full refund. We doubt you will be, though. Madam offers a 30% discount if you use the code spooky at checkout. Fun and color is here to enjoy. Who knew magic was in eyeliner and lip gloss?

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