Contemporary Modern Fashion

Bold. Sexy. Fierce. This is your modern woman. She was the 20th and is 21st century ideal. And this woman should have the wardrobe that goes with her. Well, luckily, we have it. And, of course, we would because we have it all. If you want bold, sexy and fierce then you must want Kalore, contemporary modern fashion for your contemporary, modern woman.

Chic and Modern – Fashion That’s Contemporary

Contemporary Modern Fashion: Kalore founder, Kendra Randall

Kalore was founded by CEO Kendra Randall, Kentucky native and wife of NBA player, Julius Randle. Kendra sought a career in fashion design while supporting her husband and raising a family. Having been around a strong woman since childhood – her mother – Kendra’s staff is all women. It goes without saying that Kendra’s brand is an example of female empowerment, and that pursuing your dreams really does pay off.

Dress like a boss and look sexy as all get out with Kalore.

Contemporary Modern Fashion For All Types

Naturally, with its founder being the prototype, women have a brand that will best express their type of boldness, sexiness and fierceness. From vibrant and stark to smooth and neutral, we have the wardrobe for the business oriented and casually cool. The fabrics range from satin to suede, and are comfortable to the skin. Kendra’s leather is vegan and she uses elements of spandex and polyester for easy cleaning and longer usage.

Contemporary Modern Fashion: Kalore models showing different colored dresses

Bring out your bold, sexy and fierce with Kalore.

You’ll get your money’s worth. If seeing is believing, then check this out:

Be Your Own Inspiration

Be inspired to wear your goals and inspiration like a hero wears a suit. Essentially, you are your own hero, so should look the part. And likewise make a statement of who you are or aiming to be. Kendra designed these fabulously chic and sexy styles to outfit and equip the strongminded woman. Consequently, she doesn’t dress to impress. Indeed, she’ll dress to express. Have the clothes that match your mind-frame and do your business in style. Kalore style.

Kalore is Contemporary. Modern. Fashion for the Bold. Sexy. Fierce.

And if you want a look that’s Cozy & Casual find it here. We got you covered… literally. Cheers!

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