In our Clothing and Apparel pages, we rediscover the need for healthy “Retail Therapy.” The term was first coined in 1986 when the Chicago Tribune decried America’s increasing materialism. “We’ve become a nation measuring out our lives in shopping bags and nursing our psychic ills through retail therapy.” The populace was shamed on the one hand for buying things to satiate other needs. However, we’re also applauded for helping keep the economy going! As they try to make sense of whether it’s good or not that people spend, here’s to Clothing and Apparel, a necessary Retail Therapy!

Clothing and Apparel – No Remorse

Clothing and Apparel: trendy girl with shopping bags

The need to buy something, whether it’s necessary or not, doesn’t always have to lead to Buyer’s Remorse. In fact, psychologists affirm that spending money on one’s self and loved ones actually gives a person therapeutic value. Of course, what you buy will affect how you feel about why you bought it.

If you’re rushing to buy clothes all the time, perhaps you have a goal. For instance, it could be to build your wardrobe. Or, it is to give friends and family gifts for the holidays. One’s intentions behind their buying and spending urges makes up for all the shaming and guilt society will gives itself for loving to shop.

Buyer’s Solution!

Clothing and Apparel: mannequin facing viewer in Boutique

That’s right, we have the solution to the guilt we all feel when we occasionally splurge. It is, simply, to buy smartly. You’re told you’re too materialistic. Well, that’s a matter of opinion. Who would the commercials pander to if people didn’t have an interest in spending money? Indeed, merchandise wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t saturate us with a constant barrage of things to buy.

However, you don’t always need to get what they’re showing you. Neither do you have to buy what everyone else is spending their money on. This is where Shër’s comes in: we give you options that are inexpensive, tasteful, and top quality. Take for instance Cupshe, or Anna Rewick. Did you know about them prior to seeing our pages? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. But, at least, we show them to you. It could be draining buying what everyone else is buying. Likewise, you could be spending way too much to keep up.

So, shop smartly. Try what we bring.

See our Clothing & Apparel pages and be a better Retail Therapist for Self.


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