Body Sculpting Swimwear

Depending on when you’ll read this, you’re either going to the beach soon or plan to go when the weather permits. And ladies, we know all want to look good at the beach. But, some of us are not so thin, or so fit, and this can make a woman not want to wear a bathing suit. Well, don’t sit out from joining any beach games. We have the perfect fit for you: body sculpting swimwear!

Yes, It’s Female Owned

Founder of Body Sculpting Swimwear, Leila Shams

Fashion designer, turned CEO and founder of TA3, Leila Shams, created swimwear and bodysuits women of all sizes can appreciate. Indeed, she specifically created something for women who just want a little enhancement to what they already have. Who says you can’t work with what you have? TA3 uses ultra matte compression fabric that will tighten areas that aren’t so flattering, giving you a very curvy look you didn’t think you had.

Body Sculpting Swimwear TA3 logo

TA3, which is “Eat” in reverse, is a recent miracle. As the pandemic put a strain on all of our lives, it also affected our eating habits. To be blunt, people gained weight. So a forward thinking bathing suit that addresses this issue couldn’t come at a better time. Other people agree; TA3 was featured in articles for Medium magazine, Uncover LA,, Enspire, Natfluence, TripSavvy, and 360 magazine, all of which raved about the amazing results this type of swimwear is producing.

Want to look good in those curves but just need a lift? Get TA3 and look good at the beach.

Body Sculpting Swimwear Is Revolutionizing Beach-gear

Black body sculpting bathing suit

Though patent-pending, this revolutionary way of wearing swimsuits that sculpt the body is making a difference. It’s addressing what we look like now. And it’s helping women appreciate what they have by enhancing their natural curves. You don’t have to feel ashamed of what others see. The fabric these bodysuits are made from compresses areas that hang or jut out. In fact, TA3 works on three key areas most people see when you go the beach.

The ultra matte compression fabric flatten your belly, tucks in your sides and lifts your chest. Basically, you’ll be tucked in, not sucked in. And more importantly, you’ll see an hour glass shape excess weight can rob you of. On top of what this bathing suit will make you look like, all the exercise and activities you get into while being compressed will encourage your body to do its own compression.

Still, it should be said that it’s not the fabric that makes you skinnier: it’s seeing yourself in your ideal shape that will encourage you to work towards your body goal.

Body sculpting swimwear for the girl of this century is HERE!

Stylish and Cutting Edge

hot pink body sculpting swimwear

TA3 body sculpting swimwear offers a style and sexiness most bathing suits don’t give. They’re like sexy corsets for the beach. Given that TA3 is still relatively new, generally their swimwear comes in red, pink, blue and black. However, they provide a newsletter for fashionistas on the lookout for newer and latest picks. Additionally, you have four basic types of swimwear that achieve tummy tucking in a sexy way.

Namely, there’s the ‘Lacey’, ‘Plungey’, ‘Hi Cut Plungey’ and ‘Hi Cut Zippy’. These come in every size, so women who range from very thin to very thick can buy these up. Because TA3 is new in the game, CEO and Fashion Designer Shams invites her customers to video blog their experiences with her brand of bathing suits. In fact, she encourages “funny, smart, and unapologetic” people to be as honest as possible. This is so she can improve her swimwear so it suits you best.

Get the body sculpting swimwear of the 21st century and love the shape you’re in! Shipping is FREE in the U.S., and they’re shipping to Canada and Australia.

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