Bio Hacking For Weight Loss

Bio Hacking for Weight Loss is here! Science continues to push the limits of what people can do. Now, there are products that are designed to help increase energy and reduce excess body fat. Using natural ingredients, our partners with Velovita provide brain enhancement and sleep induced weight loss that brings people closer to healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Bio Hacking for Weight Loss: The Need for Better Health

Bio Hacking For Weight Loss: computerized eye

Body image is always going to be a concern as people are daily faced with questionable food choices. Not only do they add pounds, but these poor food choices cheat people of their full mental capacities. As a result, many people over the years have tried to come up with solutions as to how everyone can gain back their energy and control their weight in the most convenient ways.

Bio Hacking For Weight Loss

Because of the pandemic, people all over the world were pushed into very stressful situations. Naturally, people becoming immobile means hours are spent overeating, watching television, and being on social media. In effect, this makes people dysfunctional. Likewise, this necessitates something to help get people back into better health.

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Brain Health in Bran

At the end of this post, please see our video that explains what Velovita is doing to combat unhealthy living. Firstly, the product mentioned is Brän (pronounced “Brain”). This food supplement helps improves one’s mind. Indeed, our brains take up 2% of our body mass, but uses 20% of our energy. In addition, the brain manages the entire body but, being that it must perform five times as much work, the brain should be given something that will help it do the job.

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Bio Hacking for Weight Loss: Lose Fat While You Sleep

Bio Hacking For Weight Loss: Zlem.

Next is Zlem, a bio-hacking feat that’s both impressive and interesting. Changing one’s diet is hard to do as certain foods are just too tempting and old habits are hard to break. Zlem is different. You take it at night, and it does the work of losing weight for you.

Instead of spending months doing what is hard to keep up, just take Zlem and go to sleep. To understand the science behind the result, imagine your muscles going through exercise. But, contrary to you working up a sweat, the efforts of tightening you up takes place while you snooze. Start Losing Weight While You Sleep HERE.

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