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Ever heard of Tipping Circle? Founded by James Davis, it’s the kind of investment where people earn money when people “tip” them. Thus, social networks are used to refer tippers. Ultimately, this means people can fill your “bucket” which uses points; once you’ve earned a certain amount this can convert to cash. Consequently, payout is through PayPal. You see, TippingCircle functions the same way Bitcoin does, making this app a forerunner of cryptocurrency, the future of money.

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People can help one another by “crowdfunding” or doing a P2P (person-to-person) payment. As a result, this app is appealing for people who like to give, and for those who need the funds. It so happens that the app is used by people all over the world. Though not all money is the same, this app unites our differences by turning it into points everyone can earn.

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Of course, that’s not all. Read on to find some amazing deals you’re sure to sign up for.

All Things Arts and Entertainment: Get Paid to Chat.

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Ever gotten paid to text? In the “Performance Giving Network,” people text, watch TV, even play video games… and get paid. Under the mind blowing app PrimeOneChat, people get paid to do all the things they do normally. Plus, their devices will be protected under topnotch security that prevents breaching of privacy or intrusion from third parties. Not only would your device be encrypted, the app will not require a user’s data and personal information. In fact, all of that will be kept in your device only.

PrimeOne Sounds Great… Tell Me More…

Well, the PrimeOne app is easy to use. What’s more, you can set it up on any device. As it adapts to any internet provider, effectively, it will function the same way regular texting does. But, what makes it different is that you’ll get paid for it. So, you can take pics, shoot a video, call a friend, or face-time with family just as you’ve done with your other apps. Except, this app will earn you points that will convert into cash. Thus, you’ll be doing what you already enjoy doing but with a great twist: you’ll be earning points that will easily become money on the side.

Furthermore, this app consumes the least amount of space or bandwidth. Essentially, it doesn’t affect or interfere with any of the other apps and features that’s currently on your phone or other device. Is this not the best thing since sliced bread? We think it is. Give it a try… miss an opportunity. Your choice…

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All Things Arts and Entertainment Fights Poverty.

This site is about helping people in some of the best ways possible. Aside from enabling shoppers to come across great finds at reasonable prices, we know that not everyone has the means to buy. In fact, the pandemic caused many people to lose money. Subsequently after a global crisis, we’re looking at a local one with regards to our economy. Still, the best way to keep money flowing is to keep it going. No doubt, we encourage you to do what’s right for you. It’s more rewarding to see you come again and again because you trust what you see here.

For now, take a look at what this page is bringing you. TippingCircle and PrimeOne apps are easy to use tools to gain you some extra money, and you’d be kind to share the links with those you know. But you haven’t learned all that we’re offering you. In fact, we’ve only scratched the surface of what the Prime One app can do…

This app is fighting poverty in ways that were impossible till now. See how by clicking here.

All Things Arts and Entertainment: A New Way to Watch TV

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There are several cool things the PrimeOne app allows its users to do. For instance, you can watch TV and earn points doing it. Like PrimeOneChat, with PrimeOne TV you can watch whatever shows and movies you were watching before. Contrary to that, however, you can now earn points that is eligible for payout. That’s not something you get everyday. Understandably, this is a must have. You’ll enjoy your favorite shows and movies better than most people because you’ll be earning points that will earn you money.

In addition to paid TV, you’ll be able to game and earn points for that also. To the gamers: this CSPN app got you covered. No doubt, you’ll get a kick out of exploring realms outside of this one with our gaming app. Besides having fun, you’ll be earning real points that will get you real cash. Check the link to see how you get paid to game. It’s all here at your fingertips the many ways to get much out of life. With all that’s available online now you can. There are plenty of great things out there to take advantage of. Go for it.

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All Things Arts and Entertainment: Get Paid to Game

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The TippingCircle and PrimeOne apps will most likely be the top most used apps in the foreseeable future. Indeed, they’re covering bases other apps don’t typically do. They pay people, basically. This is a plus at a time when money matters are becoming prevalent. Besides paying people, these apps are providing great outlets for all your frustrations.

Then there’s Karaoke night… You’ll sing as good as you think you can with Singtrix. This can make any singer, no matter what their ability, sound absolutely amazing. And they’ll be able to sound great in front of others so no cringeworthy singing in the shower moments. Go through this link here and find out more about what we have to say about Karaoke night, then as you read that page, click the link that will take you to the site where you can try Singtrix for yourself.

All Things Arts and Entertainment: Karaoke That Makes You Sound Amazing? Oh Yeah, This Is For Me.

Last but not least, don’t miss out on the many ways life can be exciting with just a simple glass of wine. See our Wine Magic page for all the many ways vintage wine heals the body, eases the mind, clears the blood and calms your nerves. You can’t let a deal like this pass. No doubt, real wine is not sold in stores. If you have it in restaurants, you have to pay a hefty price for just a sip. Here, you can have the whole bottle, and more.

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